Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet Review

Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet Review

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Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Helmet is a low-profile headgear for your dirt jumps. It has safety features to keep BMX riders and dirt shredders protected without breaking the bank. The helmet opts for durable materials and an ergonomic design for optimal breathability and comfort. And, if you prefer helmets with a smaller size or fit, this model is your best pick. It has a narrow fit and retails in a broader size range starting from the extra small size. 

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The Details 

Brand: Bell

Series: Sanction

Category: Trail, Free rides, Downhill, BMX

Size: X-Small (49 – 50 cm), Small (52-54 cm), Medium (55-57 cm), and Large (58-60 cm)

Gender: Unisex – Adult

Color: Black, Blue/Hi-Viz, Crimson/Slate/Gray, Nitro Circus Gloss Silver/Blue/Red

Vents: 15

Slip Plane: No

Visor: Adjustable

Lightweight Sturdy Construction

Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet uses the sturdy and lightweight ABS Hard Plastic shell design. It is a modern, durable material that is not bulky on your head. Instead, its low-profile style looks like the standard cycling helmet. And, its high luster paint finish keeps the color themes shining for long, regardless of the exposure to harsh sunshine.

Narrow Fit, Wider Size Options

Do you have petite or oval facial features? If so, finding a helmet with a snug fit can be challenging. Well, the Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet seeks to address this.

First, it retails in a narrow construction that feels firm on the sides. Plus, it has convenient cheek pads that guarantee a comfortable, sweat-free fit. Here, if you have regular facial features, we recommend picking at least one size bigger. 

Second, there is an X-small helmet size catering for riders with a 49 cm head circumference. And its broadest size suits a head circumference of up to 60 cm. This way, the helmet is appropriate for kids and adults of both sexes. 

Bell Sanction Adult Full Face helmet

Optimal Ventilation

There are 15 strategic ports all around the Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet. These vents allow for air channeling into and out of the helmet for a dry, refreshing ride. Their localized heat transfer mechanism prevents the MTB riders from overheating. And, as a budget helmet, the design of the vents further improves the structural integrity of the ABS hard shell.

Detachable Visor 

Now, a visor is essential when it comes to dirt jumps or riders on single narrow tracks. You know extreme stunts can result in loss of teeth or nasty cuts to the face and eyes.  And, low hanging tree branches on single narrow tracks can hurt your face or make you lose your balance.

Bell Sanction Adult Full Face helmet opts for a detachable visor with an anti-fog, scratch-resistant finish. This removable shield on the ABS shell guards your face and eyes against dirt and sand. The design can withstand harsh handling by extreme riders. 

Likewise, the visor protects the riders’ eyes from direct sun glare, flying objects, or strong winds. Hence, no more stretching out one hand to clear low-hanging branches while moving at top speeds. Instead, enjoy unrestricted visibility on a hot or foggy trail. 

As a removable unit, you can detach it from the helmet when you don’t need it. And, in the event of a collision or a fall, this visor snaps off the helmet, minimizing further injuries. 

Permanent Chin Bar

Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet uses a permanent chin bar for the ultimate jaw protection. It is a plus for MTB riders prone to hitting their jaws during major impacts. 

Quick-Release Buckle Chin Strap

Bell Sanction Adult Full Face helmet uses an adjustable buckle chin strap that stays put as you tackle your extreme stunts. It is a simplistic quick release mechanism for a secure fit. Besides, you can easily adjust the straps with or without wearing your gloves. 


  • Durable, lightweight shell for a narrow fit
  • Retails is a broader size range
  • Uses cozy cheek pads for comfort
  • Convenient quick-release buckle chin straps
  • 15 vents for optimum ventilation
  • US CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmet for Persons Age 5 and Older compliant


  • Has no MIPS brain protection system

Is Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet Worth the Price

Is Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet Worth the Price?

Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet retails as a budget helmet for dirt shredders. It has limited features without compromising your safety, convenience, and fun experience. Besides, it is one of the few models in its category targeting riders with petite facial features. 

Moreover, if you prefer shells that feel featherweight on your head, have optimal head coverage, and keep you dry and cool in any weather, this model is your best pick. Still, if you are an urban rider performing your stunts in busy trails, you may want to reinforce your safety by getting a shell with a MIPS slip plane. 

Alternatives: O’Neal Sonus Deft Mountain Bike Helmet ​​​​

No products found.

Do you like the attributes of the Bell Sanction Adult Full Face helmet but find the fitting claustrophobic? Check out the O’Neal Sons Deft Mountain Bike Helmet, a full-face helmet with a bit of a loose fit. Yet, the shell has an easy-to-adjust retention system for a custom fit. And, you can tighten or remove the helmet with one hand.  

The Details

Brand: O’Neal

Series: Sonus Deft

Category: Downhill, Enduro 

Size: Small (47- 48 cm), Medium (49-50 cm), Large (51-52 cm) and X-Large (53-54 cm)

Gender: Unisex-Adult

Color: Multi Color Themes

Vents: Multiple Air Vents

Slip Plane: No

Visor: Adjustable

Lightweight ABS Shell Construction

Like the Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Helmet, O’Neal Sonus Deft Mountain Bike Helmet opts for a full-face design comprising the ABS hard shell. It is the appropriate structural material for downhill and Enduro riders. O’Neal passed this shell through vigorous tests and trials, including allowing Greg Minnaar, a renowned MTB downhill racer, to sample it. 

Permanent Chin Guard

If you are prone to falling and hitting your jaw as you race, O’Neal presents you with this model with a permanent chin bar. It features a mesh construction at the mouth and nose sections. That way, you can talk and breathe with ease. More so, this chin guard and ample padding keep you comfortable for hours. 

Large Multiple Vents

O’Neal Sonus Deft Mountain Bike Helmet features large multiple air vents all around the shell. These ports allow for unrestricted airflow into and out of the helmet. In turn, they help to keep the riders cool and dry when tackling challenging trails. Like the Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Helmet, O’Neal uses a unique pattern for its ventilation system. It further strengthens the structural integrity of the helmet. 

Quick Drying Liners

There is an ultra-plush moisture-wicking padded liner underneath the O’Neal Sonus Deft shell. It is a detachable liner that keeps the riders cool and sweat-free. These liners complement the ventilation system to keep the rider comfortable despite wearing a full-face helmet. Besides, it uses a machine-washable fabric. Hence, riders can detach it and clean it when needed.

Lightweight ABS Shell Construction

Multi-Colored Graphics

Now, we all know the power of multi-color prints has in appealing to young riders. Youth prefer using gear that makes them stand out amongst their peers. The O’Neal Sonus Deft Mountain Bike helmet presents you with this model in attractive multi-colored graphics.  These shells have primary colors like red, black, gray, white, blue, and neon red. Now, you can stay safe, enjoy the comfort and convenience, and rock your fashion statement. 

Fidlock® Magnetic Buckle

Did you know that O’Neal is the pioneer brand to use the innovative Fidlock® Magnetic Buckle system on MTB helmets? The retention system comprises a one-click magnetic chin strap that secures and releases in seconds. It is an added advantage for racers who multitask, using one hand to adjust their headgears while riding at extreme speeds. 


  • Durable ABS hardshell construction
  • Has multiple air vents for optimal ventilation
  • Includes an ultra-plush inner liner for comfort
  • Surpasses the EN1078 safety standards for bicycle helmets
  • Uses the Fidlock® magnetic buckle adjustable using one hand


  • Has no MIPS slip plane

Our Verdict

Bell Sanction Adult Full Face helmet is a durable, safe, and affordable shell for mountain bike riders. It offers the conveniences of premium helmets and guarantees the necessary safety for your riding style. Only, this shell is best for persons with petite facial features. Our choice alternative, the O’Neal Sonus Deft Mountain Bike helmet, lives up to its founder’s philosophy.

Jim O’Neal uses innovative technologies in making helmets protect mountain bike riders as they push their boundaries on two wheels. It is a competitive alternative that retails in sleek multi-colored graphics, appealing to the youth. Either way, both shells offer ample protection, comfort, and convenience for extreme riders.


Both the Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Helmet and the O’Neal Sonus Full Face Bike Helmet offer competitive features at a reasonable price range. Then, if you are an Enduro, downhill racer, or dirt shredder on a tight budget, any of these two shells will do. Likewise, if you are out to test several helmets before settling on your ultimate headgear, opt for these affordable helmets with the necessary safety features. They will give you the feel of what to expect in the premium helmets.

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  1. Thank you for a very interesting article. I was just looking for a good BMX helmet, but it is not easy to choose with so many options on the market. But looking at your review, Bell product is what I’m looking for. It guarantees safety, and I like the design, and the price is really reasonable. I am looking forward to testing it in practice.

    • Hi, Cogito, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      I believe you would like to see this post about many good helmets for both genders.

      Great to hear about your benefit of the article too.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.

  2. I think the best features of the O’Neal helmet are the detachable liners and the magnetic buckle. My 3 sons get super sweaty when out bike riding, so the ability to remove the liner and throw it in the washing machine. I didn’t see any liner information for the Bell Sanction helmet, but I would assume it has something similar.

    • Hi, Kelly Smith, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Yes. The Bell Sanction has similar.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.


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