Best Neutral Running Shoes for Ultimate Support

Best Neutral Running Shoes for Ultimate Support

Running is a high-impact activity that could injure joints and muscles. Fortunately, an appropriate pair of running shoes can reduce this impact and guide your pace according to anatomical standards.

The right pair of running shoes is determined depending on the pronation and structure of the feet. For example, high-arch feet require the best neutral running shoes.

A debate on the appropriate amount of cushioning has been ongoing for years. It paved the way for the two traditional types of running shoes: cushion shoes for under pronation or runners with high arches and stability shoes for overpronation or low arches.

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Best Neutral Men Running Shoes Reviews

There is a wide variety of neutral running shoes today. Each has its unique features, design, and level of comfort needed for specific needs. Choosing a good pair can be challenging. To narrow down the selection, here are the top picks under this category:

1.  Brooks Men’s Ghost 15 Neutral Running Shoe

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Brooks Men’s Ghost 15 are cushioned road running shoes with neutral support and a classic fit. Proceeding Ghost 14, this latest model has a lighter cushioning system giving male runners better speeds, responsiveness, and ground feel.


●      Materials

Brooks uses recycled materials for the uppers of the Men’s Ghost 15 shoes to minimize carbon footprint. These uppers attach to rubber outsoles with the best traction capabilities on the road and smooth surfaces.

Secondly, the shoes have engineered air mesh uppers from recycled materials. The moisture-wicking fabric allows unrestricted airflow to keep feet cool and dry all day. And its 3D Fit Print remains flexible at fast paces. It retains the shape and structure of the shoe over time.

Between the cushioned uppers and anti-slip rubber outsole is an ergonomic midsole comprising the lighter DNA Loft v2 cushioning with a 12 mm drop. It delivers smooth transitions for heel strikers and slow-paced runners.

●      Design

The Brooks Men’s Ghost 15 opts for neutral support for runners with normal foot arches. As a runner, you can balance your feet to move naturally and uninhibited, minimizing the risk of injury.

Besides, the shoes are now certified as PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoes, making them ideal for runners with diabetes and other specific foot conditions.

Athletes can choose their favorite Brooks Men’s Ghost 15 shoe from a wide range of 33 color combinations and sizes of 7 to 15 Wide.

  • Stable road running shoes with neutral support
  • Soft feel, snug fit
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Suitable for slow paces and moderate runs
  • A certified PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe
  • No gusseted tongue

2. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam X 1080 V12 Running Shoes

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The New Balance’s Fresh Foam X 1080 V12 series are neutral trainers that need little introduction. Its last two versions, V10 and V11, are popular with runners tackling easy miles to world-class competitions. At its core, this latest model has versatile and supportive traits for ultimate performance. Moreover, it targets runners with wider feet.


●      Lightweight, Flexible Materials

Male runners seeking to improve their speed and efficient strides appreciate the lightweight and seamless engineered Hypoknit uppers on the V12 series. Often nicknamed the “2nd Skin”, the material minimizes drag and keeps the feet comfortable and protected from the elements.

Inside the shoes is a single-density EVA foam midsole with an Ortholite insert. The patented Fresh Foam X design guarantees an energetic rebound and maximum shock absorption.

The robust rubber outsole guarantees traction on most terrain. In turn, it becomes your go-to daily shoe for smooth transitions.

●      Seamless Design

An ultra-modern and streamlined construction gives the New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam X 1080 V12 running shoes sleek and aerodynamic traits. Its Fresh Foam X midsole with an 8 mm drop and gusseted tongue delivers underfoot cushioning to protect natural flex zones. The neutral support at the heel and forefront makes this shoe secure and transition-friendly.

●      Wide Size and Color Selection

V12 is available in 25 color combinations with eye-catching reflective details. Its wider fit than predecessor models is between 7 and 16 Wide. Hence, these trainers are great for runners with wider toes and heels.


  • Versatile running shoes with a supportive feel
  • Underfoot cushioning system for a responsive running experience
  • Lightweight, breathable, spacious uppers for comfort
  • Model runs largely


  • Retails at a premium price range

3. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Shield Men’s Running Trainers

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The Nike Pegasus is back. The new Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Shield has a better fit and upper design than its predecessor Pegasus 37 model. The weatherized trainers have added details to keep feet warm, dry, and stable even on slippery grounds. It maintains its original purpose of helping runners attain their best speed goals, even in wet weather.


●      Weatherized Uppers

Male runners love the improved knitted uppers of Pegasus 38. The trainers opt for weatherized uppers with a water-repellent mesh cover for lightweight, flexible, and protective wear. They keep your feet warm and dry.

The uppers derive their sturdy shape and structure from an inner sleeve. This sleeve also helps redistribute pressure across the foot to minimize the risk of injury. Next, a synthetic mudguard creates a protective barrier against mud, dirt, and debris. And an insulated and padded tongue keeps feet warm, wicks away moisture, and adds an extra cushion layer to absorb shocks and vibrations.

●      Aerodynamic Midsoles

Secondly, Pegasus 38 has cushioned midsoles with a 10 mm drop. The midsoles opt for Forefoot Zoom Air Bag technology for responsive cushioning. The breathable, aerodynamic component keeps the runner feeling lighter and running faster.

●      Storm-Tread Traction

Finally, these trainers opt for storm-tread rubber outsoles. They have rain-ready traction, courtesy of strategically designed micro grooves in multi-directional shapes. The unique texture mimics winter tires to repel rainwater and dirt.

●      Aesthetics

Nike Pegasus 38 Shield is available in a single black and white color combination. It is a beloved neutral style embraced by the majority of runners.


  • Weatherized running shoes for speed
  • Warm, breathable, lightweight, water-repellent uppers
  • Responsive, aerodynamic midsole
  • Durable rain-ready outsoles
  • Gusseted tongue
  • Roomy toe box


  • Lacks color variations

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Best Neutral Women Running Shoe

1. Brooks Women’s Ghost 15 Neutral Running Shoe

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Women athletes prioritizing comfort and support gravitate towards the specially designed Brooks Women’s Ghost 15 Neutral Running Shoes. These are road running shoes for women with wider feet. They retail in sizes 5 to 12 and 33 different color combinations, blending styles, and performances. Yet, its advanced cushioning system and classic fit stand out. The padding ensures seamless transitions during everyday jogs, runs, and walks.


●      Materials

Brooks Women’s Ghost 15 comprises air mesh engineered uppers with a 3D Fit Print for a smooth and snug fit. The specialized fit technology makes the uppers lighter and breathable, with a seamless and stylish finish. Moreover, they use 57% recycled materials for sustainable wear.

Secondly, the model incorporates a cushioned midsole with a Segmented Crash Pad. The integrated design results in optimal shock absorption, which is best for challenging terrain. Runners can practice for their upcoming races in any terrain or weather without worrying about straining or injuring themselves.

Finally, the shoes have durable rubber outsoles for traction, flexibility, and resilience, even in muddy or wet weather.

●      Design

Female runners with normal and medium foot arches appreciate the neutral support these Brooks Ghost 15 running shoes offer. The ergonomic design encourages natural foot motion for a comfortable and efficient run. Proper foot alignment and stability also minimize the risk of injury or developing foot complications.


  • Stylish road running shoes for slow to moderate runs
  • Neutral support, balanced cushioning
  • Optimal shock-absorbing cushioned midsoles
  • Uses recycled materials
  • Certified for specific foot conditions
  • Vast color combinations and size range


  • Heavier than the predecessor model

2. Nike womens Pegasus 39

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The Nike Women’s Pegasus 39 Running Shoe is a standout choice for road runners seeking a combination of cushioning, responsiveness, and durability. With its innovative features including Air Zoom cushioning, this shoe provides a smooth and comfortable ride, making it ideal for neutral road running.


  • Air Zoom Cushioning

The Pegasus 39 boasts Nike’s signature Air Zoom cushioning technology in the midsole. This responsive and lightweight cushioning system provides excellent shock absorption and energy return. It offers a plush and springy feel underfoot that helps propel you forward with each stride.

  • Breathable Mesh Upper

In addition to its advanced cushioning, the Pegasus 39 features a breathable mesh upper with strategic overlays. This lightweight and breathable upper material allows for maximum airflow and ventilation. It keeps your feet cool and dry even during intense workouts. Additionally, the strategic overlays provide targeted support and structure where you need it most. They ensure a secure and snug fit that adapts to your foot’s natural movement.

  • Durable Rubber Outsole

Furthermore, the Pegasus 39 incorporates a durable rubber outsole with a waffle-inspired tread pattern. This outsole configuration offers excellent traction and grip on a variety of surfaces. It provides the traction you need to stay steady and focused on your run.

  • Padded Collar and Tongue

A padded collar and tongue help to prevent chafing and irritation. They ensure a comfortable fit and reduce the risk of blisters or hot spots. Additionally, the shoe’s traditional lace-up closure allows for a customizable fit.


  • Sleek and Modern Design

Finally, the Pegasus 39’s sleek and modern design makes it a versatile option for neutral runners. The shoe is available in a range of colors. It combines performance-driven features with contemporary aesthetics, ensuring that you look as good as you feel on the road.


  • Responsive and lightweight.
  • Maximum airflow and ventilation.
  • Excellent traction on various surfaces.
  • Versatile aesthetics for all occasions.
  • Excellent comfort and support.


  • The colors are not as bright.


3.  New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam X 1080 V12 Running Shoe

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New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam X 1080 V12 are versatile running shoes that check all the right boxes. The neutral trainers cater to all running styles, from leisurely jogs to high-intensity races. Yet, unlike its predecessor models, V12 opts for a more generous fit for women with wider feet.


●      Lightweight, Responsive Material

The V12 model uses engineered Hypoknit uppers for agile and effortless running. The lightweight material has a seamless construction for minimal drag. And female runners describe it as a “2nd Skin” due to its plush and seamless design. Their feet remain clean, comfortable, and protected throughout practice.

These shoes target female runners training at any time of the year, on the track and at the gym, since they feature a durable rubber outsole with optimal traction. The outsoles are flexible and responsive to varying stride intensities.

●      Durable, Stable Design

New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam X 1089 V12 has a sleek, cutting-edge streamlined design for aerodynamic performance. A bootie upper snugs the feet while running on a cushioned midsole. A gusseted tongue attaches to the upper to block dirt and debris, redistribute foot pressure, and enhance the streamlined construction. The overall effect is a secure fit that facilitates natural strides and smooth transitions.

●      Plush Foam Interior

New Balance opts for a patented Fresh Foam X for its midsole. It is a single-density EVA foam with superior shock absorption and energy rebound capabilities. Next, an Ortholite insert with superior cushioning wicks away moisture. This prevents sweat and odor buildup and keeps your feet comfortable for an effortless stride.

●      Wide Size and Color Selection

New Balance makes its V12 women’s model in 30 captivating color combinations. Each pair feature striking reflective accents to make the runner visible in poor weather while staying stylish to match their attire. Better still, the shoes retail with a broader fit for runners wearing sizes 6 to 10.5. This extra room around the toes and heels is crucial for a natural gait and varying running styles.


  • Supportive running shoes with a wider fit
  • Plush underfoot cushioning midsole
  • Protective gusseted tongue and Ortholite inserts
  • Spacious, lightweight, and ventilated uppers
  • Durable rubber outsole


  • Relatively expensive


A neutral running shoe is made with a curved shape to provide optimal support for high arches. This kind of shoe absorbs the impact that could be anatomically dangerous for the foot. It is also made with midsoles and other engineered designs for a smooth heel-to-toe shift.

Among the six products above, the best neutral running shoe for men is the Brooks Men’s Ghost 15, which are cushioned road running shoe with neutral support and a classic fit.

For the women, it is Brooks Women’s Ghost 15 Neutral Running Shoe. Brooks is very famous for its huge quality shoes and design. And they always keep that part in each shoe, luckily for us!

10 thoughts on “Best Neutral Running Shoes for Ultimate Support”

  1. I have been having issues with my calves for years.  I used to love to run and I would run with my kids all the time.  Then one day my shins started hurting really bad.  I tried a few different pairs of shoes that I thought might help with that.  But, in the end all I did was lay off the running.  Not that my boys minded too much!  They started winning our little races more.  You mentioned that the Gel Excite 4 relieves most foot issues.  Does that include shin splints?  I know that’s not directly IN the foot, but I’ve no doubt it stems from there.  Thank you!

    • Hello, Kaeyoes, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      It is not comfortable to run when the calves are making a problem. And you need to be careful about it.

      When it is injuries I would always recommend that you talk about it with your physiotherapist or doctor. It is much safer, and we need to respect injuries so I would stress that you do that first.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

  2. Thanks for listing some of the best netural running shoes. I’m usually not into Asics, but I must admit that the design of Asics Gel-Excite is really nice. The gel cushioning system make this shoes even nicer. However, I’m not a heavy runner. Will this shoes still suitable for light runner like me? Thank you

    • Hello, Alblue, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Yes, it is not a problem. The reason for that I talk about it is that running shoes can be different for heavier runners and need more support.

      I agree with you about these shoes. Excellent design.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

  3. Wow!
    What an article about the best neutral running shoes!! I think this article wrote for me lol.
    Actually, I love to run one place to another place. It’s making my mind joy and fresh. But I haven’t enough idea what’s the best running shoes!!
    You share some running shoes on your post and I love it. It looks so pretty. It’s also helpful for us. Besides my home town, there was a forest. And I going there for running. 

    • Hello, Pronay Pappu, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

  4. That’s a great guide to buying running shoes…

    I just started running but my shoes do not seem to be appropriate for running as I am experiencing some lower back pain after my runs are over…

    Which one of those shoes best absorb impact? I might need to go for those in order to avoid potential problems with my back and knees…

    • Hello, Xaric, and thank you.

      Running with back pains is not easy. I want to recommend that you look more at cushion running shoes for that problem and see it is to help you.

      I wrote both information about this type of shoes and let people know about some exceptional items. But what I have in mind for you is that I recommend you to have a look at the New Balance Men’s 460v2 Cushioning Running Shoes. You can see a review of them here.

      Their innovative design helps reduce foot rolling, preventing knee pains and other complications. They are very comfortable too, mostly because of the rubber sole, which helps to absorb road vibrations and it is kind to your feet.

      Don´t hesitate to contact me if I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions.

  5. I prefer a running shoe with soft and flexible soles, although I am not sure that is is the best thing for flat feet.  I don’t run anymore and far prefer a good walk, but do battle to find shoes that don’t feel like they are burning my soles. Asic is the best brand that I have used, but maybe I should start to explore other avenues, as the last two pairs I have had are not as comfortable as the first pair I owned, unless my feet are changing with age?

    • Hi, Michel Maling, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Walking is a powerful or healthy training; it depends on how you decide what training is. It an incredible but true, and I don´t understand why so many underestimated it!

      I use it more and more myself!

      I don´t believe your feet change so much that it calls for big changes. But here is a great article about walking shoes for flat fleet, and I think it can give you good ideas.

      Great to hear about the benefit of the article too.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.


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