1. Khayyam Ishaq
    July 30, 2018 @ 9:25 am


    Thank you for this excellent post on what to wear when running. You have covered the basics for what to wear.

    Could you recommend any good running shoes as I find that most of my running shoes either don’t last very long or the soles start to hurt after a month of running/walking in them? Is there anything out there to prevent the soles of your feet from hurting and make it more comfortable to run. Your help in finding a solution will be helpful.



    • Sports Send
      August 24, 2018 @ 2:16 am

      Hi, Khayyam and thank you.

      In the start, I want to stress that all runners are different. But having said that there is one thing which I believe could be the problem. One of the things which are the vital factor when you choose, and that is how you want to use them.

      What I have in mind is that we can say there are five different types of running shoes.  It is:

      a) ENERGIZE  are springy shoes. They are very popular when you need to run at more speed, no matter if it is short or long distance. You feel energized if they match your stride dynamics That is the way it is trendy shoes when people run a marathon or semi-marathon.

      b) CONNECT are a lightweight shoe with flatter soles rather than a regular running shoe. The height difference between the heel and toes is equal to 4mm compared with 8-12mm in most other shoes. They are great for those who run on the midfoot or the toes, but also have a good slowdown in the heel. Recommendtradition gym.

      c) Speed, which is like the word says speedy shoes. So it is as light as possible. Recommended that only experienced runners use it.

      d) Road running shoes. Made for running in a rough landscape outside the roads.

      e) CUSHION, the most popular shoes and which all runners should buy first. Suitable for all distance and very comfortable. The cushioning technology can significantly support any impact on the foot when running.

      So I was thinking when I was reading your comment if you were using the speed shoes. The stress to get as much speed as possible mean that it is thin as possible.  I would recommend that you are trying good CUSHION shoes. For example, look at the ASICS Men’s GE