Does copper fit really work Or Is It a Cliché?

Does copper fit really work

Have you ever asked yourself the question, does copper fit really work? Ideally, copper fit supports the knee (or elbow) and helps reduce and/or eliminate pains in the muscles. It guards against pathogens and enhances blood circulation, especially through these particular joints. It is imbued with copper ions at the fiber level during manufacturing to prevent washout, wear, and tear.

A Detailed Understanding of Copper Fit Supports

Compression wear is defined as any garment made of flexible, firm, spandex-type material that fits tightly to the body. This tightness supports the muscles and enhances oxygen circulation. This can range from socks, t-shirts, shorts, and tights.

Idea Village Corp created Copper Fit supports. It is a compression garment infused with copper. People who engage in activities that require a lot of physical input are often the primary consumers. Its components are 82% Polyester and 14% Spandex Jersey and 4% Copper Ion Fiber with high-wicking modacrylic fiber added on top.

The History

Copper Fit’s original name was Copper Flex, launched in early 2014 along with other successful copper-infused launches by Idea Village. Its demand rose almost immediately because athletes and sports players were suffering from numerous muscle pulls and leg cramps. The promise of an end to the misery resonated with many. Copper Flex later changed to Copper Fit to blend better with its usage and to attract more customers.

The Manufacturer

Idea Village Products Corp, the original manufacturer of Copper Fit, is located in Wayne, New Jersey. They have strong partnerships with other renowned retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Cotco Wholesale. As a result, they have the largest retail distribution networks in the US.

Other featured products they sell include HD Vision eyewear, Micro Touch grooming products for men, and Finishing Touch hair removal product for women. They also sell houseware products, cutlery, handheld sewing machines, self-edging paint products, and personal care cosmetics, among others. The company, however, is currently facing stiff competition in selling compression wear products like Copper Fit. Companies like SKINS, CEP, and Zoot Sports also sell top-notch compression gear.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Copper Fit Support

Copper Fit compression sleeves are ideal for people who need help with painful muscles. However, they are excellent for enhancing blood circulation. People mostly wear copper fit supports when engaging in physical exercises and also at any time, the muscles are sore and/or stiff. That said, consider the following when selecting the appropriate Copper Fit for you:

  • The dominant muscles you use when performing physical activities and playing sports. For example, which leg usually kicks the longest passes for you during football?
  • The size of the elbow or knee you intend to wear the Copper Fit on. To measure this, tie a tape measure around the circumference of the middle of your thigh when sitting in a relaxed position, then read the scale.
  • The area you are experiencing the most cramps or muscle pulls.
  • Your budget. Everything always boils down to money, right? If you have enough cash, purchase the entire set. You can never really know when or which muscles might overcompensate for any particular action.

You should note, however, that the Copper Fit supports are only effective when worn properly and when correctly sized.

Advantages of Copper Fit

  • Compression garments provide better pivotal support for the muscles and reduce stiffness during contraction.
  • Keeping the muscles at optimum temperature prevents fatigue. To be precise, warmth improves the rate of oxygen release from hemoglobin. On the other hand, when cold, the enzymes work slower to release oxygen.
  • Copper Fit supports reducing the time muscles take to recover.
  • They improve blood circulation at the joints and working muscles.
  • Compression wear prevents the formation of blood clots and decreases inflammation.
  • The Copper inside helps limit the build-up of bacteria and, by extension, reduces odor after strenuous workouts.

Disadvantages of Copper Fit

Like every other product out there, copper fit supports have their own share of demerits.

  • The copper present will most likely vanish after several washes.
  • Some claims made by the manufacturer regarding its benefits are difficult to verify.

Findings from clinical studies regarding Compressional Gear

While these findings apply to all compressional gear, they do support some of the claims made by Copper Fit about their products, partly supporting their credibility. For Example:

  • Contrary to popular belief, compression wear like Copper Fit supports does not increase your muscles’ performance. It only alleviates soreness. This is because adding gear to the muscles does not increase the muscle size or strength.
  • Perceived exertion and muscle fatigue ratings are the same as those without compression gear.
  • Copper fit increases the rate of lactate removal after exercises.
  • Endurance slightly increases, but this study can be biased depending on initial oxygen intake and lung capacity.

In Conclusion 

Strenuous and exerting activities can cause occasional muscle soreness and aches. In as much as there are many treatments for these ailments, Copper Fit supports still place as a better option as it tries to solve these problems on the go. It may not completely make future problems go away, but it sure does make them at least bearable.

On the other hand, you must not rely solely on the advantages that Copper Fit provides. Always depend on the professional opinion of a medical practitioner for persisting pains and sores. Finally, to answer the question that has been on everyone’s minds, does Copper Fit really work?    Yes, Copper Fit supports work as far as compressional wear is expected to.

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