Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls Review

Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls

With the recent demand for soft feel golf balls that deliver on tour or distance, many new models are coming up. Hence, recently, the Callaway brand took heed to the call.

The Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track golf balls are the most distant shells with the best feel. At least that’s as per the company claims. The golf balls also boast of an excellent spin and control for pro golfers.

Furthermore, the shell retails as an ideal pick for male golfers. However, some users praise its low compression befitting female players. Should you include this golf ball in your collection? Let’s discuss more below: –

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The Callaway Brand

Callaway 2019 ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls 12, Prior Generation White


The Callaway golf brand is a household name in the US. It makes durable, high-end golf balls with the best designs for best performance.  They vary in spin, dimple count, texture, inner core, and control, to suit its broad customer base.

The Series 

The Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track Series comprises of 3-piece dual-core shells. It is the first series on 15 years to use the founder’s initials. Indeed, the model has a soft feel, straight flight, and low compression. Plus, it is quite forgiving to both male and female golfers of all skill levels. Besides, the shell delivers the longest distance for such a feeling.


Below is a summary of Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track golf ball’s specifications: –

Dimensions7.5 x 5 x 2 inches
Weight1.00 Pounds
Dimple Count322
Ideal ForMen
PatternHEX Aerodynamics
White, Yellow
Warranty2 Years

Construction and Spin

The Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track golf balls have a 3-piece construction.


A Hybrid Cover

The golf ball’s outer cover is a mix of the ionomer and urethane materials. Urethane is often in premium golf balls that aim at achieving the best control for the player. Also, it gives the ball a soft feel while keeping it rigid enough to deliver on speed. In contrast, ionomer does the same role but is rife with cheaper shells. Hence, this hybrid craft aims at creating golf balls that attract in-between buyers.

Note that, Callaway guarantees that their hybrid shells perform best with robustness. Hence, expect an impressive straight spin. Still, not as high as the display of premium urethane golf balls.

A Dual Core

The Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track golf balls feature a soft core with a graphene infusion. This way, the shell launches and maintains much control with minimal sidespins. Hence, the dual-core maximizes the compression power, which results in high swing speeds. In turn, the golf balls propel high and farthest.

The Callaway Brand

Triple Track Technology

Do you struggle to get the perfect alignment on landing? The Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track golf balls have a unique feature to address this. On the center of the cover are two thin blue lines separated by a thick red line. It is the Triple Track Technology.

The Triple Track Technology gets its inspiration from Vernier Visual Acuity. That is, it aims at providing a ball alignment that is easy to spot.

The lines’ juxtaposition assists the brain to align the ball in one line. Still, if you have no issues with alignment, turn the golf ball to the blank side, and you are good to go. That way, you will not feel distracted by the lines.

Even so, it will only work when you are on the green or the tee. These lines may point in the wrong direction when you are at the fairway. Again, persons with ADHD may feel overwhelmed by this subconscious alignment.


If you struggle with wayward shots, this golf ball cuts down on the sidespin. This way, you can achieve a far throw in a direct flight.


The golf ball is available in either white or yellow varieties. These shades complement the Triple Track Technology. Hence, the golfers can choose the shells that give them the best visibility and alignment.


The Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track shells retail with a two-year warranty. This warranty is higher than the average one year warranty by similar brands.  Hence, it’s a robust pick that will serve the golfer for the longest practice session.

Summary of Features 

The Callaway Golf ERC golf balls are soft, hybrid shells with a triple track design to make it more visible. These balls target the average male golfers who seek to perfect their style.

Comparison with the Chromax M5 Metallic High Visibility Yellow Golf Balls, 2-Tubes of 3, NEW 2018

The Chromax M5 Metallic golf ball is a 2-piece shell with a 75 compression count. This golf ball has an extensive dimple pattern for distance. It also features a metallic reflective cover for better sight.

Both the Callaway Golf ERC and the Chromax M5 Metallic golf balls are high visibility balls. Their added features make them easy to notice on the green. Also, they both have a soft feel and straight flight, hence forgiving. But, the Chromax M5 is much more suitable for seniors whose eyesight is not as it was when they started playing.


The Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track golf balls are soft and forgiving. They retail as men’s golf balls. But, their design and aesthetic appeal to the female golfer with slow swings. Also, its added feature for visibility comes in handing when putting.

What We Like 

The golf balls use Triple Track Technology to improve its alignment. For a mid-price shell, this feature is a plus to the golfers. But, it works best with putts since the player’s eyes will be straight above the ball.

What We Don’t Like 

There are soft golf balls with either high or low compression. Still, as per Callaway’s policy, there is no mention of the golf ball’s compression score. The compression score helps to assess the feel of the golf balls. Hence, this exclusion is a bother to pro golfers who would want to compare golf balls during fitting.


The Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track golf balls are worth their price. That is a soft feel, far-reach, forgiveness, and an extra feature for alignment. Moreover, these shells make an excellent choice for a golfer who wants to perfect his putting.

8 thoughts on “Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls Review”

  1. It is a very thorough review with useful information. I am wondering why some users claim that a low compression of the balls befits female players? Callaway is, indeed, a good brand. Local golfers in my area use this one a lot. My friend – who is an avid golfer – has some Callaway golf balls at home. Do you recommend Callaway golf balls for beginners? I see that they have a unique feature to address alignment

    • Hello Christine, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      It is, of course, general, but for most females, it is better to use low compression balls. But not all, I want to stress that you should always look for a ball, which is the right balls for your strength. At the same time, it is not necessary for the best balls. But who cares if these balls max your strength?

      The point is that many females have slow swing speed. Against, not all, but most females can´t hit the ball to fly high and far. That is because most of them have a slow swing speed.

      We can sum it up that players should choose a ball with their swing speed in mind.

      I wrote an article about it with more details which you can see here.

      And yes, this is a good ball for all players. But probably a little bit too good for complete beginners.

      Great to hear about your benefit of the article too.

      Don´t hesitate to contact me if I can help you with anything else or if you have any questions.

  2. Thanks for this review. This really looks like a great brand of balls and the fact that they aren’t too bad on the price makes the deal even sweeter. What really amazes me (as it does in almost every sport these days) is how much technology has improved with the various equipment people use to play the games. It does make me wonder what modern golfers would do if they were using balls from over 50 years ago! 

    • Hello, Steve, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Don´t hesitate to contact me if I can help you with anything else or if you have any questions.

  3. Thanks for this awesome review. Great feel, spin, control, distance, and much easier to align with the triple track. Love this ball, great feel, long-distance, and great control with excellent spin. The yellow color makes it easier for me to see, which increases my confidence. The triple track greatly improved my putting, which made it much easier to align.

    • Hello, hillarydandy, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Great to hear about your benefit of the article too.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you with anything else or if you have any questions.

  4. Although I am not very much into golf, I have heard of this brand before. It’s one of the good ones. It’s amazing how much attention to detail goes into these. We may be talking about golf balls, but the technology and research that went on to make them are really astonishing. One thing that I didn’t understand was why these would appeal to female golfers? Is it because they are softer it’s easier to handle?

    • Hello, Stratos K, and thank you.

      In all sports have been a great development. The small details are very important as it can be the question about winning or losing.

      And golf balls are a big part of that development. You need to know you you well and after it, find a ball which fits you well.

      These balls generally fit women better because it is better for their swing. As you know, men usually are stronger, and with the right technique, they have faster speed in their swing.

      Softer balls are designed for a player with a slower speed. And as most females have a slower swing, the softballs are better for them.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you with anything else or if you have any questions.


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