MudGear Trail Running Socks Review

Whether going to the gym to hit the treadmill or running around the neighborhood, playing a sports game or going hiking, keeping the feet protected and giving it support during those activities are important. The two main foot wears that provide such protect and support are shoes and socks.

And for those types of activities, having a pair of running socks will spell a big difference for the feet. Therefore, keep the feet safe and comfortable even during strenuous circumstances with MudGear Trail Running Socks.

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  • Made of 5% Spandex and 95% polyester
  • Strong construction
  • Medium ankle compression
  • Super comfortable
  • Vented mesh top
  • Sizes: small (M: 5-7, W: 6-8), medium (M: 7-9, W: 8-10) & large (M: 10-13/ W: 11-13)
  • Made in the USA
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

MudGear Trail Running Socks for Men and Women, Made in USA - 2 Pair Pack (Black/Orange, Large)



The MudGear Trail Running Socks is a good outdoor footwearor apparel for those who enjoy running, hiking and hitting the gym. A good running sock is one that offers its users comfort and this particular running sock offers just that –it is made to be super comfortable for its users.

The running sock was designed to prevent feet from having blisters even when going on a long distance trek or run. It also has the capacity to wick away water to keep the feet dry and secured.Also, durability is not an issue for this running sock.

MudGear Trail Running Sockswas specifically designed to withstand long and bumpy surfaces with its strong construction.Training, running or hiking all day will not be aproblem– it remains strong as well as comfortable all throughout.

Durability and comfort are important features that should be found in a running sock because the feet need to be relieved from the stress of having to support the entire body frame all day.

To move on, MudGear Trail Running Socks offers a medium ankle compression that works to keep out the trail debris and mud that are plenty when one is to go running or exploring outdoors.

Debris of stuff getting into the feet can be an annoying experience in low ankle running socks, so this one is made high enough for such problem to unlikely happen.

To add, another nice feature is its vented mesh top. The mesh was designed to be breathable so that heat inside the running sock can flow outside. Such breathable feature adds up to the overall comfortable quality that this running sock strives to give its users.

Moreover, the cushioning is also excellent and helps in bringing comfort to the feet even after hours of running or trailing.To join the other features, this one has a good fit.The running sock was likewise designed to be snug while being comfortable all day.

Also,it is made in the USA, so on top of getting a comfortable and quality pair of socks, buying this product will support the local market in the USA. To complete the package, this particular running sock comes with a fairly decent and affordable price that would be good news for everybody who intends to buy the product.


A number of nice features and benefits are being offered by the MudGear Trail Running Socks, but one should also take note of some of the negative feedbacks made by verified users.

The first downside of having the running sock is the fact that its material makes drying the product after getting wet or after washingslower compared to the normal cotton socks.

Another issue with the running sock is the absence of form fitting feature so there are instances that the running sock is loose in the toes area.

To add, some would find that it lacks padding on the ball and heel area that would have added in the comfort and protection of the feet. There are also feedbacks that the sizes are smaller than the given sizes.


The MudGear Trail Running Socksis one perfect foot apparel for those who live an active life and prefer going on outdoor activities.

Water, mud and debris are no problems with this running sock because it has the ability to keep them out – a feature that comes in handy when one is running on a trail or hiking on a mountain. For outdoor athletes and people, this is just the running sock to wear when one decides to go out.

Just like any other products, MudGear Trail Running Sock has a fair share of reported downsides. However, the downsideseither happen rarely or are not major enough to put this running sock in the bad light.