Thirty48 Running Socks Review

When one has to go through a certain physical activity, especially an activity that would put too much stress on the feet or keep on one on her feet all day, having the right footwear and accessories goes a long way in giving the foot comfort and protection.

Having just any type of socks while running, playing a sport or hitting the gym is not enough for the well-being of the legs and feet.

The legs and feet should be given support and compression while going through all those activities. And that much needed support can be provided by a good pair of running socks like the Thirty48 Running Socks.


  • Both for men and women
  • Cushioned low cut style
  • Multiple cushions
  • Coolmax fabric
  • Offered in a wide variety of colors
  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Form fitting
  • Resilient & versatile
  • Made of 33% CoolMax, 27% cotton, 30% nylon, 8% polyester & 2% lycra
  • Heel tab
  • Tear protected for toe & heel

Thirty 48 Running Socks for Men and Women Features Coolmax Fabric That Keeps Feet Cool & Dry - 1 Pair or 3 Pair ([3 Pairs] Blue/Gray, X-Large - Men 12-14)



When it comes to foot support and protection, the Thirty48 Running Socks is a good running sock to use. First and foremost, this running sock is unisex footwear – it caters to both women and men– so it is more versatile compared to other products that only offer sizes for a particular gender.

The running sock also stands out with its CoolMax Fabric material. Such type of fabric material helps in keeping away moisture from feet – even if the user of the running sock has been going on with the physical activities for hours.

The CoolMax feature of this running sock does not only keep the feet dry as it also helps in keeping the feet cool. The fabric allows airflow in order for the skin to breathe despite the running sock on.

This running sock is also designed to give its users maximum feet protection and comfort. The product is made of multiple cushions with extra pads found in the heel, Achilles and metatarsal areas to provide the feet protection from abrasions that may be brought about by tight shoes.

Pain and bruising from running can also be reduced and even prevented with the additional cushions. Also, the Achilles tendon is usually battered by the friction of the shoes, but it is protected with extra paddings of this running sock.

To add, putting on the running sock is also easy – this is made possible by the heel tab feature of the sock. It can also be used together with other things – such as night splints, ice packs for treating extensor tendonitis, and compression sleeves or socks. In addition, it has a form-fitting feature provided for by the elastic arch support to allow reduced friction and support more stability and control for the user.

The movement will be more efficient and the muscle will be more strengthened with the fit contours of the running sock. This running sock also caters to the fashion conscious users with its variety of colors that would match any type of get-up.


Although the Thirty48 Running Socks offer a wide range of benefits to its users, there are also some negative feedbacks about the running sock that all interested purchasers should know of. First on the line is the supportive yet not very stretchy fabric material.

Because the running sock is designed for support of the feet, it was made to be tight which others may find difficult to wear. The opening around the ankle area does not stretch very wide so those with wide feet could find this certain aspect as a problem.

Also, there are instances when the stitching of the running sock is coming apart or tear at the seams after some time. Caution should be applied in washing the running socks. To add, with the running sock extra paddings, the sock can be a little too thick for others to find comfort.

Finally, this running sock can be a little more expensive than other running sock brands – this is due to the quality and the performance. However, the price aspect can be a big issue for others, especially for those who have an alimited budget for the purchase of running socks.


An overall inspection of the Thirty48 Running Socks would show that purchasing this product is a good deal to make.

When it comes to the support, protection, and comfort of the feet, this running sock is a performer and lives up to expectation. This is a good running sock to use for gym sessions, jogging time, trekking and even for daily use.

Admittedly, this particular running sock comes a little pricier than other running socks. However, giving up on those few dollars is worth it because of the many benefits the socks can offer to its user. Overall, this is one product that can be recommended to others.