Hit Run Steal Softball Glove Review

Hit Run Steal Softball Glove

Hit Run Steal has a newly expanded All American Softball Gloves series for every player striving to attain their highest level. These gloves are much thicker than competitor brands in the same price range. Yet, they feel lightweight and arrive in an almost broken-in condition, convenient for amateur and pro-level players to get practicing straight from the box.

About the Hit Run Steal Company

Hit Run Steal is an American sporting goods company founded in 2016 in Bluffton, SC. This latest entrant focuses on making and selling premium baseball and softball equipment and training aids to equip players of all ages to train like pros. It has best-selling nets, rebounders, softballs, baseballs, gloves, and training gear. Plus, the company has qualified coaches offering free hitting drills and pitching mechanics to help players practice effectively.

Who is this Product For?

Anyone interested in softball can use the Hit Run Steal All American Softball Gloves. Since the gloves opt for an adjustable Velcro strap, they can fit any player from the Little League to the pro level. Likewise, they are available in both hand orientations and use premium leather, which is ideal for extended practice.

What’s Included?

Your HRS All American Softball Gloves purchase will include handcrafted softball gloves in the custom size and colors you specified when ordering online.

Hit Run Steal Softball Glove review

Features Overview 

When you think of the HRS All American Softball Gloves series, these attributes stand out: –

Brand: Hit Run Steal

Model Name: HRS All American Softball Gloves

Model Year: 2016

Glove Type: Softball Gloves

Glove Position: Pitchers, Catchers, Infielders, Outfielders, First Basemen, Utility, & Short Stop

Glove Sizes: 34-inch, 13-inch, 12-inch, 11.75-inch, 12.5-inch, 11.5-inch

Target Player/Age: All Ages, Unisex

Material: American Steerhide Barnstormer Leather

Lining: 100% Wool Blend Padding

Webbing: H-Webbing

Hand Orientation: Right Hand Throw, Left Hand Throw

Colors: Black – Catcher, Black Sea Blue – Pitcher, Black White Pitcher, Gray White – Pitcher, Navy White – Catcher, Red White – Infield, Red White Blue – Catcher, Sea Blue White – Infield, Tan & Cream – Catcher, Tan & Cream – First Base, Tan & White – Infield, Cream & Dark Brown – Pitcher, White & Black – Pitcher, White & Gray – Pitcher, Whit Blue – Infield

Break In Period: Game Ready

A Detailed Look at the Features

  • Lightweight, Dual Palm Leather Design

HRS All American Softball gloves are handcrafted from American Steerhide Barnstormer Leather for maximum durability. This outer leather design is tanned to perfection to withstand the hardest impact. Beneath the steer hide leather is a full-grain leather palm lining to cushion the player’s wrist from hard hits while keeping the pocket consistent. 

Then, an extra leather layer covers the palm lining to give first basemen and catchers a better feel when catching or passing the ball. Further, this dual palm construction prevents nasty blistering and reinforces the overall sturdiness of the glove.

  • Open Webbing Style

HRS All American Softball gloves have an open web design that is excellent for infielders. This webbing style aids in ball handling and quick transfer to the other hand. Besides, the gloves have sturdy stitching patterns and heavy-duty wrist straps to retain the ball tight in the pocket.

  • Player Positions and Hand Orientations

If you are an infielder, the HRS All American Softball Gloves series presents you with 11.5-inch, 12-inch, 11.75-inch, and 12.5-inch gloves for both hand orientations. The right-hand 11.5-inch infielder glove uses a flexible I-webbing for quick transfers and throws across the diamond. The 12-inch glove caters to right-handed players with palm sizes of up to 10 inches. And the 12.5-inch glove has an I-modified trap webbing, making it ideal for infielders and pitchers.

Secondly, the series includes a 34-inch catcher’s mitt retailing in right-hand and left-hand orientations. The mitt has 100% wool blend padding and H-webbing to counter heavy hits. Its open web allows dirt and debris to fall through. And its white leather laces retain their shape for a long.

Finally, this softball glove series has a 13-inch glove in both hand orientations for First Basemen. The glove uses a single post double bar webbing to keep the deeper pocket consistent for receiving balls.

What training aids can I use when practicing with the HRS All American Softball glove?

  • Greater Stitching, Lacing, & Heavy Duty Wrist Straps

Each HRS All American Softball glove uses Pro USA tanned leather lacing for high tensile strength and durability. Second, the gloves use heavy-duty Velcro wrist straps, creating an opening that fits most players. Finally, the gloves are held together by a robust stitching pattern that will remain intact for several seasons.

  • 100% Wool Blend Padding

Now, the shape of a softball glove matters when you strive to maintain your throw between 70 and 90 miles per hour. And the Hit Run Steal company understands this too well. Consequently, the brand has added 100% wool blend padding to the HRS All American Softball gloves series. That way, the gloves attain and retain their pattern shape for optimal performance.

  • Aesthetics

There are at least fifteen eye-catching two-color combinations of the HRS Softball Gloves. Each glove has the American flag Homeplate embroidered on the thumb to appeal to the young and upcoming players. Other aesthetics include the bold HRS logo and colorful lacing and stitching.

  • Break-In Period

Even though this series uses thick superior leather, its overall construction is lightweight and breaks in fast. This way, the series is suitable for beginners and professional players alike.


  • Premium quality American barnstormer leather
  • Durable dual palm construction for comfortable wear and consistent pocket
  • Lightweight design for a faster and easier break-in
  • Wool blend padding for maximum shock absorption on impact
  • High-grade leather laces for consistent ball alignment
  • One-year manufacturer warranty
  • Vast color options


  • The Velcro strap has a tight fit

How to Get the Most Out of Your Gloves

How to Get the Most Out of Your Gloves

Once you decide to get the HRS All American Softball Gloves, ensure the glove you settle for is right for your position and hand orientation. To do this, visit your nearest HRS store or stockist for a glove fitting and try it out. While there, check the webbing, fingers, palm, heel, pocket, back, and padding to ensure it matches the specifications you saw online.

Second, whether you are buying the gloves for practice, an upcoming tournament, or as a die-hard fan gathering your favorite mitts, the gloves should last several seasons without needing any repairs. 

Here are more tips to keep your softball gloves in tip-top shape for the longest time: –

  • Always follow the cleaning instructions in the user manual to keep the gloves clean after every game. The HRS All American Softball Gloves retail in an ergonomic design that is easy to clean and maintain. A typical glove-cleaning routine entails wiping off dirt and sweat from the glove using a damp cloth. Then, use quality leather conditioning oil to soften the leather to restore its shape.
  • Practice with your HRS All American Softball gloves every day to keep them in a game-ready condition.
  • Use minimal oil when conditioning the gloves. Then, place it at room temperature for at least 24 hours to allow the leather to absorb the oil. Too much oil may damage the leather and shorten the glove’s lifespan.
  • During off-seasons, lightly apply oil to the glove before storing it with a ball in its pocket. The oil will prevent the leather from becoming brittle. And the ball will help retain the pocket shape.

People Also Ask

  • What training aids can I use when practicing with the HRS All American Softball glove?

The Hit Run Steal retails various merchandise, including a travel tee, ball caddy, strike zone, pancake glove trainer, bat grips, hitting net, pitchback, barrier nets, I screen, batting cages, net panels, and bat bag backpack to complement your practice. Each of these training aids is easy to assemble. And most of them retail with a lifetime warranty.

  • How should I choose the right size for my HRS All American Softball Gloves?

If you are buying softball gloves for the first time, have a look at the detailed sizing chart. It would be best to take your own hand measurements. The softball gloves sizing chart is recommended for players of different ages and hand sizes. Pick and try on the glove size corresponding to your age and hand size to gauge its fit and feel.

  • What is the fastest and safest way to break in my HRS All American Softball Gloves?

HRS All American Softball Gloves arrive in an almost game-ready condition. Still, you can soften them further by conditioning them with quality leather conditioning oil. Then, use the gloves every day for practice to let them break in naturally.

Our Verdict

A softball glove or mitt is one of the most important pieces of equipment any softball player will use. And finding a glove with the proper fit and feel is a must when you want to enhance your ability on the field. Check out the newly expanded Hit Run Steal All American Softball Gloves series, suitable for kids, youth, and adults of varying skills. This impressive line uses durable leather materials, has an ergonomic design, and appeals to young players to instill a love for the game from the start.

8 thoughts on “Hit Run Steal Softball Glove Review”

  1. I played a lot of baseball when I was young and transitioned to softball for fun when I was older. It is so easy to ruin a good glove by not taking care of it properly. You give some great insight into how to best care for my glove. There are some great features to this glove but my favorite is the quick break in period. When I was young I felt like my glove was hard a rock forever! Thanks for the great information. 

    • Hi, Brian, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      If you like, here are some ideas about break-ins.

      Great to hear about the benefit of the article too.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.

  2. I read with great interest your review of the Hit Run Softball glove. It was very informative. My granddaughter will move from t-ball to softball next year and I will be in the market for a good glove for her; one that will fit her tiny hand and one that is broken in. Did I miss in your review where I can get one of these and the price of the gloves?

    Thank you for your review,


    • Hi, Mike, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Your granddaughter will be happy with that for sure! But these gloves are for all, from Little League to pro players. So you do not need to worry about it. And it is always best to break in the glove if you want to have all the best of it. You can see here how you can do it.

      And about the Little League in Softball, here is a good guide about it.

      Great to hear about the benefit of the article too.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.

  3. Great article on softball gloves! As a softball player myself, I appreciate the comprehensive overview of the different types of gloves available and their key features. The section on glove size and fit was particularly helpful, as finding the right size is crucial for optimal performance and comfort. I also liked the emphasis on the importance of glove maintenance and care to prolong its lifespan. Overall, this article serves as a valuable resource for both beginners and seasoned players looking to make an informed decision when purchasing a new softball glove. Keep up the great work! 

    • Hi, Lauren Korte, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      As you mention, here is an article about some of the best Softball gloves. Guess you would like to see it.

      Great to hear about the benefit of the article too.

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  4. Thanks for sharing this – it sounds like the Hit Run Steal All American Softball Gloves are a good option for softball players of all ages and skill levels. The durable American Steerhide Barnstormer Leather makes lightweight gloves that offer a comfortable fit and consistent pocket. 

    I played for years, and never realized all the various sizes, positions, and hand orientations that can be catered to! Thanks for helping the next generations of players to get the best gear for their game!

    • Hi, Aly, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Yes, the gloves from Hit Run Steal are really good. The brand is young but has a really good quality product. Another great thing from them is the pitchback, which is a great hitting net to practice!

      You are talking about the next generation. Here is an article about the Little League that you could enjoy.

      Great to hear about the benefit of the article too.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me to help you with anything else or if you have any questions.


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