Top 5 Mountain bike helmets under $100

Top 5 Mountain bike helmet under 100

Are you on a tight budget but still want a mountain bike helmet that is protective, comfortable, and durable? Then spare some time to compare attributes and customer reviews from the leading brands. Better still, go through this quick guide on the top 5 mountain bike helmets under $100 that guarantees you just that!

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  1. Giro Verce MIPS Women Dirt Bike Helmet

The Verce™ MIPS® mountain bike helmet is a lightweight, stylish safety headgear for women. It guarantees protection and comfort as you push your limits in the toughest terrain, making dirt biking a safe family sport. Besides, the Giro brand’s Crash Replacement Scheme allows you to replace your helmet at a reduced price should you get involved in a crash.

Lightweight, Durable Construction

Giro Verce MIPS Women’s Dirt Bike Helmet uses a shatter-resistant in-mold construction design that is long-lasting and lightweight. It is a dual full hardbody shell comprising a tough outer layer fused to a polycarbonate inner. A cozy EPS foam liner finishes the inner section for comfortable wear.

MIPS Technology

The helmet features the integrated MIPS technology layer that guards against rotational forces should you hit your head at an angle. Here, the layer absorbs shock, hence delaying head movement inside the helmet in those first seconds of impact. That way, you can build your endurance on steep descents, jumps, obstacles and control pedals and gears without worrying about the risk of brain injury in the event of a collision.


This helmet has the U.S.: CPSC BICYCLE FOR AGES 5+ and the E.U.: CE EN1078 certifications for safety.

Roc Loc Sport MIPS Fit System

The Roc Loc Sport MIPS fit system allows riders to adjust the helmet fitting by up to 7 cm using one hand in seconds. Here, it is an easy and quick dial-in that results in a clicking sound and feel as you move.

Universal Fit Sizing

If your head circumference is between 50 cm to 57 cm, this helmet uses a snug inner adjustable ring, a one-size-fits-all option for a secure fit.

Extra Plush Padding

Quick-dry foam padding inside the Giro Verce helmet keeps you dry and comfortable regardless of any harsh weather conditions.

Optimum Ventilation

There are up to 18 vents all around the Giro Verce MIPS Women’s Dirt Bike helmet. The front wind tunnels suck in the fresh air; circulate it around the head to cool you before pushing it out through the rear vents.


  • A lightweight trail-inspired full hardbody design for dirt biking
  • Integrated MIPS technology  for brain protection
  • Easy to adjust Roc Loc MIPS Fit System
  • Universal fit sizing 50 – 57 cm
  • Extra plush padding for comfort
  • Up to 18 vents for optimum ventilation
  • Retails in 5 reflective detailing and stylish colors
  • Removable visor


  • Uses fixed straps
  1. Bell Spark MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

If you are an all-mountain or trail rider, here is an adult mountain bike helmet that delivers functionality, safety, fit, and aesthetics. Bell Spark MIPS has loads of features to give you the confidence to hit the trails.


Durable Shell

The Bell Spark MIPS helmet comprises an in-mold polycarbonate shell fused to an inner EPS foam liner for sturdiness. It is a lightweight fusion at under 365 grams (Size UA), yet able to withstand hard impact at top speeds.

Integrated Visor

The helmet uses an integrated visor to shield the rider from sun glare, direct winds, and flying objects. This visor adds to the helmet’s extended coverage, creating a unique, sleek design.



Inside this dual shell is a MIPS slip-plane that slows down rotational forces on certain impacts. It does this by sliding for 10-15mm in all directions upon impact. That way, the rider is safe from brain injury even in the worst head-on collision.


ErgoDial Fit Systems

The ErgoDial Fit retention system is a set of straps and a standard buckle that are easy to use and adjust single-handedly. More so, these straps have the integrated MIPS slip plane in them, reinforcing the helmet’s protection. And the no-twist tri-glide fasteners guarantee a custom, cozy fit.

Wide Fitting Range

Spark MIPS retails in the universal adult (53 cm to 60 cm) and universal X-large (56 cm to 63 cm) sizes, accommodating more persons.


13 Vents

There are 13 large vents all around the Bell Spark MIPS helmet. These tunnels use a strategic design to channel air around the head without trapping any debris.

Sweat Guiding Padding

Grab this helmet to keep cool if you are planning to hit the trails during the hot summer months. Indeed, Bell Spark MIPS relies on a sweat-guiding pad design that wicks away moisture from all points of contact with your skin. The pad leaves you dry and refreshed to focus on the challenge at hand.


  • A lightweight shell with integrated MIPS®
  • Accommodates a wide range of head circumference
  • It has extended coverage with a sleek design
  • Relies on the Ergo Fit™ system for quick adjustment
  • Purchase includes a crash replacement plan at a reduced price
  • CE EN1078 certified


  • It uses a standard buckle

3.  Schwinn Lightweight Bike Helmet 

This lightweight Schwinn 360° Comfort helmet is specifically designed for adults or teens with a head circumference of 23 to 24. 5 inches. It is also ideal for both men and women. Just be sure to choose your taste from the many colors available.

Micro Shell Design

The helmet has two micro-shell layers, which consequently offer full coverage. The interior is made of EPS foam, making the helmet light in weight yet very durable.

Convenient Adjustment

If you hate messing around with pull straps, this helmet features an easy-adjust dial with adjustable side straps that offer a custom fit. The dial system adds ease and comfort. The visor is also detachable. So lower the visor to reduce glare on a very bright day or night while responding to incoming motorists’ headlights.

Optimized Ventilation

With up to 21 vents, Schwinn Lightweight Bike Helmet offers well-rounded air circulation during your rides. That makes it the perfect helmet for rocky terrain on hot, sunny days.

Full Range Padding

We mentioned above that this helmet has EPS foam padding. This padding covers 99% of the interior. In addition to these, you enjoy moisture-wicking padding, especially during your hot summer rides. These are also removable; hence you clean them as often as you like.


Compared with most helmets in its range, we can confidently say that this helmet is honestly affordable. Yet even with a lower price tag, the manufacturer does not compromise on its quality.


  • Budget-friendly

  • Anti-glare visor

  • Adjustable fit

  • Lightweight


  • Some users feel that the helmet sits too high.

4. Smith Convoy MIPS

If you struggle to get a custom-fitting mountain bike at an affordable price, check out the Smith Convoy MIPS. It is a small, lightweight headgear that adjusts to the contours all around your head. It achieves this by optimizing integration solutions ideal for a mountain bike helmet.

Lightweight, Single Layer Webbing Construction

Unlike most mountain bike helmets, Smith Convoy MIPS relies on a single in-mold layer to create a low-bulk yet shatter-resistant shell. That way, it weighs 300g, one of the most lightweight mountain bike helmets available today.

Integrated Visor

Smith Convoy MIPS has an integrated visor that is balanced for comfort. This fixed design has greater efficacy and safety, for it is easier to clean the entire helmet as one piece. It is less vulnerable to damage associated with regular attaching and detaching of the visor. And it allows for seamless use of other accessories like sunglasses and camera mounts.

Integrated Fitting

Like the integrated visor, the Smith Convoy MIPS helmet uses a fitting design that accommodates as many accessories as possible. It relies on the VaporFit™ dial adjustment system to dial adjust to a cozy, proper fit up to 270° turning. Likewise, it uses the AirEvac™ ventilation system for its two fixed vents, compatible with the Smith eyewear. And exterior channels serve as storage space for shades. This approach keeps the helmet comfortable and aerated with ample storage space for the best riding experience.

How Much Should I Spend On A Mountain Bike Helmet

Integrated MIPS

There is an integrated MIPS layer fused to the single in-mold layer. It is a brain protection system slowing down rotational forces on particular angled impacts to the head.


  • An affordable MTB helmet with integration capabilities
  • Has the MIPS technology, fitting, and eyewear integration
  • Includes a cozy liner for all-day comfort
  • CPSC and CE EN 1078, and AS/NZS2063 are certified as safe
  • It retails in five convenient sizes
  • Easy to adjust


  • The EPS Foam Liner remains visible

5. Razor Child Full Face Helmet

The Razor Child, Full Face helmet is a certified headgear for kids aged 8 to 14 years. It safeguards them against head injuries as they cycle, skate, or engage in other outdoor sports.

Full Face Lightweight Construction

The helmet uses a thick shell with an integrated chin bar, a spacious eye port, and a vented mouth section. It is the ideal design for street biking.


To keep the youngster comfortable, the helmet uses full-circumference foam padding at the sides, front, and back. Also, it has an adjustable visor for a flexible view. And its integrated nylon retention straps are adjustable for a cozy fit.

Dial-Adjust Mechanism

Now when it comes to kids, convenience supersedes style. You know, young bikers will quickly shun an expensive helmet if it is cumbersome to wear or has an irritable feel around the head. That’s why this helmet relies on an adjustable dial fit system for a perfect fit in seconds.

Ample Ventilation

12 vents run at the helmet’s sides, front, and rear sides. These holes circulate cool air evenly throughout the helmet. Likewise, they push out warm, moist air via the back tunnels, keeping you cool and dry in intense conditions.

Safety Certification

The Razor Child Full Face Helmet meets the CPSC standards for safety.


  • Fits head sizes between 21.5 inches and 22.5 inches
  • It uses 12 cooling vents for optimum ventilation
  • It relies on an adjustable strap, visor, and quick-release buckles
  • Includes an eye-port for goggles or sunglasses
  • It relies on extra foam padding for comfort
  • It has 1-year limited manufacturer warranty


Has narrow sizing

Should I Get A Full Face Helmet For Mountain Biking

People also ask:

Should I Get A Full-Face Helmet For Mountain Biking?

Mountain bike riders spend most of their time on tough terrain, encountering various obstacles as they push their biking skills to the limits. For this, they need a properly fitting and comfortable helmet to complement their moves. Now, a full-face helmet optimizes safety because open-face helmets are comfortable, easy to use, and remain lightweight even with many accessories.

Professional mountain bike riders prefer full-face helmets, for they cover the entire face, hence protecting the teeth and chin in the event of a collision. The front section hinders insects or any flying objects from entering the mouth. And they use a removable chin bar for extra protection in downhill racing. Likewise, these helmets have sufficient wind tunnels for optimal ventilation and will keep you warm in colder climates.

In contrast, casual or occasional mountain bike riders may opt for the open-face helmet to cover up to ¾ of their faces. That way, they have a better view when tackling unfamiliar trails. Open-face helmets retail at a lower price point and accommodate more accessories for the best luxury riding experience.

How Much Should I Spend On A Mountain Bike Helmet?

The price point for your mountain bike helmet relies on the following: –

  • Your Riding Style – Advanced riders prefer helmets with the latest safety features, retailing at a premium price
  • Size – Kid’s mountain bike helmets are smaller, with fewer features. Hence they are cheaper than their adult versions.
  • Brand – Renowned brands charge a premium for their helmets.
  • Skill Level – Entry-level shells are way cheaper than those intended for professional bikers.

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  1. Greeting! I believe that a helmet is one of the most essential protective items needed for biking, especially on the mountains and hills, because even though biking is a form of exercise and sometimes is meant for fun, it has to be safe.
    All these helmets displayed here are all worth trying, but I must say that the smith convoy MIPS can be suitable for my son, and I will definitely get one for him. I can see that it is comfortable and lightweight, but most of all I like it because of its adjustable headgear. Thanks for sharing.

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    I don’t cycle but have children and grandchildren who do and find it good that all the grandchildren wear them from the first bike. I do like the full-face helmet for youngsters. I don’t think they realize the damage that can be done by coming off a bike at speed.
    Thank you, I enjoyed the post and am now wiser on points to look for should I buy one as a gift.

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    I personally liked the Bell Spark MIPS because of all its great features, such as being able to shield oneself from sun glare while riding, something I’ve experienced often enough before…thankfully, these were included in their design.

    Many Thanks

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  5. We actually have a Schwinn bike helmet, mostly because it was affordable, especially since we don’t bike (and thus use our bike helmets) as often as we should.

    That said, I wasn’t sure if our helmet was the same as the lightweight helmet by Schwinn called out in your article because it also has an LED light in the back for street safety.

    While I know mountain biking carriers are hazards, sometimes we’d rather bike to our mountain biking spots, which means you have to go through the streets to get there, and that’s where these LEDs would come in handy, so drivers could at least better see you.

    I didn’t see this feature mentioned in any of the helmets, but that’s another consideration.

    • Hi, Johnny, and thank you.

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      Yes, you are right. It is beneficial and good security to use lights. But the reason we still haven´t talked about it is because the focus has been on mountain biking. I popularities grow and grow, so we decided it was the most helpful way for our readers.

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  6. I like how mountain bike helmets have evolved over the years into the streamlined and light products they are today. The selections you discussed represent a wide variety of products that I am sure most riders will find at least one that will meet their needs.

    Several design features stand out. Unlike helmets for riding city bikes, these are shallow and streamlined, with more attention given to sun protection and lightness. The likelihood of having a street accident is pretty much nonexistent. This approach makes sense.

    All the best.


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    • Hi, Pasindu Dimanka, and thank you.

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