Saucony Carrera XC Review

saucony carrera xc review

Quick Overview





  • Has a snug fit
  • Removable spikes
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


  • Flimsy wrench for spikes
  • Not true to size

Most runners have competitive spirits, as witnessed from various marathons and races all over the world.

Running is a thrilling sport, but cross country running requires extra skill as you try to maneuver different terrains wearing the proper running shoes.

Saucony is one of the most popular brands when it comes to athletic shoes. They offer a wide selection of walking and running shoes bearing the Saucony trademark.

This Saucony Carrera XC review will try to look at every detail this shoe offers to prove your money’s worth.


About Saucony

This footwear and apparel manufacturer from North America is a branch of its parent company Wolverine World Wide.

Its original company was founded in 1898 in Pennsylvania, USA, by four business people but presently headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.

The company has been loyal to running as they strive to empower every athlete with each stride every time they run.

Saucony continues to instill goodness in all its products since it supports athletes in promoting good health and performance.

It aims to develop creative innovations to maximize every athlete’s ability to perform various sports activities.

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Saucony Men’s Carrera XC Cross-Country Shoes

The Saucony Carrera XC belongs to the elite level of cross country running spikes. It is also one of the lightest under this category.

In July 2013, this lightweight racing spike became available in the market and had gone through several upgrades since then.

Who Is This Product For?

These cross country running spikes are perfect for people who like to run on different terrains like grass and muddy surfaces.

The combined minimalist design and low-profile construction offer the right support for cross country runners.

Long-distance runners will also benefit from these shoes since they can help them with increasing their speed.

Experienced and professional runners will find these cross country running shoes perfect for their needs.

What’s Included?

Investing in these cross country running shoes entitles you to receive one pair of the Saucony Carrera XC, six pieces of spikes, and the tool for removing the tips.

All of these items are neatly packed inside the Saucony box.

You will also receive a shoe bag with a zippered pocket for small items.

Overview of Features

The Saucony Carrera XC Shoes offers the following:

  • Upper

The upper on this cross country spike shoe comes from 100% imported synthetic material, making it lightweight.

Its mesh upper offers high breathability. It allows the air to flow freely in and out of the shoes keeping your feet dry and free from moisture buildup.

There are also featherlight overlays of FlexFilm, a Saucony technology made of strong but lightweight material that offers a seamless look and flexible feel.

You will also find the ProLock technology in the Saucony Carrera XC upper.

It is a supportive strap placed on each side of the midfoot, encasing and locking it to the midsole platform.

The collar and tongue have light padding to add to the running shoe’s comfort as you run.

It uses the traditional lace-up closure for added comfort and excellent fit.

  • Midsole

Your foot will slowly sink on a molded foam footbed since it offers extra support while it adapts to its shape for added comfort.

A compression-molded Saucony Super Lite EVA one-piece midsole offers excellent cushioning while boosting the shoe’s bounce-back response and durability.

  • Outsole

The outsole of the Carrera XC uses the XT900 carbon rubber material.

This component provides remarkable traction and high-wear characteristics.

A Pebax spike plate offers stability for your running shoe’s outsole without the unwanted bulk.

The plate also comes with six removable spikes, giving you the maximum traction for different terrains.

  • Weight

The quality materials used in the Saucony Carrera XC construction resulted in a lightweight cross country running shoes.

One pair of this racing spike shoes only weighs at around eight ounces, which is the lightest among its counterparts.

  • Breathability

The combined synthetic mesh and lightweight FlexFilm used in the Carrera’s upper give the shoe its impressive breathability.

They will allow the air to circulate naturally and maintain your foot’s dryness to prevent irritation and foul foot odor.

  • Comfort

The lightness of the shoe and its breathability deliver comfort to the user’s feet and overall experience.

  • Style

The Saucony Carrera XC comes in a low-profile design and is available in various sizes for both men and women.

You can also choose from a wide selection of vibrant colorways to match your preference and personality.

  • Flexibility

The Carrera XC is also one of the most flexible cross country running shoes around.

It will give you a lot of mobility as you run.

  • Responsiveness

The Saucony Super Lite EVA midsole provides optimum rebound, durability, and cushioning that reduces the risk of getting injured while running.

  • Support

The low-profile design of this footwear can only offer neutral arch support while wearing the spike racing shoe.

  • Terrain Compatibility

The Carrera XC is one of those versatile cross country running shoes you can use in various terrains.

If you decide to remove the spikes, the shoes are great for other types of running on a hard surface.

How to Get the Most Out of These Shoes

The Saucony Carrera XC Running Shoes is perfect for running on grass and other terrains expected from a cross country race, especially with the spikes.

You can wear these shoes on different surfaces even without the spikes, and you will still feel comfortable.

To get the most out of these spike racers, keep in mind that they’re not designed for running on concrete and other hard surfaces.

Also, remember to choose a pair that is one size higher for a more comfortable fit.

The video below will show you all the features we have discussed in this Saucony Carrera XC review.


Whether you’re a professional cross country racer or just starting to train for this sport, wearing the correct footwear is essential.

Hence, we will be checking out some alternatives so that you can compare their features and choose the right one for your needs.

Asics Hypersprint 6 Running Shoes

We will be checking the Hypersprint 6 Running Shoes from Asics, which is the model’s sixth version.

This update came about to allow the shoes to adapt to short sprint events.

It is the perfect choice for new athletes with its lightweight design and stable support.

These combined features allow a speedy performance from the shoes throughout the activity.

The removable pyramid spikes give the shoes maximum traction ability, which helps enhance the runner’s speed.

There’s a Pebax spike plate attached to the outsole that helps protect the foot from each stride blow because it offers flexibility and a powerful grip.

It’s a newly added feature for this updated version for improved durability.

Another addition is the Speed Mesh, which provides a more secure fit and protection from dirt and other debris.

The shoe’s unisex design is available in various sizes and beautiful colorway combinations.

It has a full-length sturdy rubber outsole that protects your feet from the rough and sharp tracks.

The spike plate with its five-spike configuration is attached to the outsole providing traction, flexibility, and stability for different surfaces.

You will find an EVA heel pad in the midsole of the Hypersprint 6 to provide comfort and cushioning to the shoes.

As mentioned, Speed Mesh is lightweight and breathable that adapts to your foot’s shape and movement.

However, some users complain that the shoe sizes are too small, while others say that they don’t offer enough support for the feet.

New Balance LD5000 v4

Another alternative worth checking out is the LD5000 v4 from New Balance.

As its name implies, this footwear is the fourth version of this model’s long-distance running shoe.

It features four removable and changeable pyramid spike pins that offer traction for different surfaces.

There’s a full-length Pebax spike plate attached to the outsole with a four-spike configuration, offering a progressive running experience.

This fourth version of the LD5000 has an updated tongue construction for a more comfortable fit because it wraps the midfoot for added security.

The rest of the features are still the same from the previous versions.

It retained the mesh upper for breathability and still uses the same Pebax spike plate for comfort, durability, and flexibility.

These running shoes are available in the standard sizes for both men and women and can adapt to the foot’s shape for a better fit.

This lightweight long-distance running shoe from New Balance offers comfort, excellent support, and speed through its advanced technologies.

Still, there are reports about the spike causing foot pain in addition to its lack of cushioning.

Saucony Carrera XC Review: The Conclusion

The Saucony Carrera XC Shoes is among the lightest footwear for cross country races.

The outsole’s construction provides excellent flexibility, stability, and speed responsiveness to help the runner maneuver any terrain.

Its mesh upper offers superb breathability to keep your feet dry and comfortable during the race.

The light padding on the tongue and collar also adds to the comfort of the shoes.

That said, all the running shoes we checked have a common denominator: zero heel-to-toe drops.


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