What is the top 5 distance golf balls for seniors? The Buyer’s Guide

What is the top 5 distance golf balls for seniors

Even though skills and talent count for successful golf enthusiasts, selecting the best golf balls makes the difference if you are keen to enhance your precision.

With numerous golf balls in the market, it’s usually tedious for hobbyists to locate the balls that suit their situations. Luckily, this article has identified five top golf balls that will improve your game and make your hobby profitable.

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Our Top 5 Choices Reviewed

  1. Callaway 2020 Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls

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Every golfer has a passion for reaching their target within minimum shots, but finding the best golf balls to make such ambition real has been challenging. Callaway is one brand that has invested in technologies to ensure that golfers have the right balls for the purpose.

With an aerodynamic design, you can be sure that the ball will drag low momentarily, but stay airborne for an extended period. The powerful design is responsible for optimal lifts that result in intense flights. This ball is perfect for long distances of the drivers that cover even your short irons.

What we like

  • A design that ensures a super-fast ball speed.
  • A perfect ball for golfers who want to hit the farthest.
  • An aerodynamic design enables the ball to stay on the air for a long time.
  • The 3-piece construction design ensures that you stay in control of your game.
  • The softcover is a guarantee for fantastic spins and overall control around the green area.
  • Unlike other brands, a box has 15 balls instead of the usual 12.
  • Durable balls since Graphene is involved in the construction.
  • Easy to locate.

What we don’t like

  • The spin may be great, but may not be perfect enough for most pro players.

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  1. Titleist AVX Golf Balls

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Due to the low compression in their construction, Titleist AVX golf balls boast of great speed and can cover longer distances. Furthermore, the 352 tetrahedral dimples design provides an optimal and consistent flight route that enables the ball to stay airborne.

Like Pro V1 and Pro V1×, Titleist AVX golf balls are also premium balls with a similar pricing pattern. The balls are designed in such an excellent way that enhances overall performance in tee rounds and green area. It’s a perfect design for low spins that also provide a minimal launching angle for players.

Most golf lovers like these balls because of their soft feel that offers perfect spins. Since the construction incorporates a combination of the latest technologies and excellent performance, the mission to cover significant distances is realistic.

What we like

  • A smart has a soft feel.
  • The construction features the latest technologies that enhance overall performance.
  • An aerodynamic design ensures that the ball covers a greater distance.
  • It’s an improved version of a premium ball, but the cost is almost similar to Pro V1 and Pro V1×.
  • The low compression in the core area ensures that the ball stays in the air for long.
  • Multiple dimples design enhances precision.
  • Durable.

What we don’t like

  • The packaging is somehow poor.

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  1. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

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It’s difficult to believe that these balls have been in the market since 2012, considering that their quality has remained relevant to current demands. Even with advancements in technology, Srixon golf balls still rival the most recent market products. Some veteran golfers have remained loyal to these balls despite attempting to replace them with sophisticated golf balls.

Whether for training or tournaments, Srixon soft feel golf balls have proved vital for golfers with slower and medium swings. The yellow color makes it convenient to identify your ball during competitions as many golfers prefer white balls. Another aspect that most golfers love is that Srixon soft feel golf balls are affordable and nearly brings the experience that some expensive balls grant.

What we like

  • The product has been in use for nearly a decade hence reliable.
  • Ideal for slower and medium swings.
  • It’s great for training.
  • Easy to distinguish when competing with other golfers.
  • Affordable costs.
  • They are designed in a way that increases the speed.
  • The 344 dimples design creates a consistent flight path.
  • Ionomer cover for a soft feel

What we don’t like

  • It isn’t a perfect ball for medals.
  • Slightly less durable.

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  1. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

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Senior golfers who began their careers at a tender age have been lucky to witness various technologies that Titleist has employed to produce user-friendly golf balls. Among the latest models from Titleist, these are among the most affordable golf balls that seniors can use.

If you want to see all your shots fly high, Velocity golf balls should be your top choice. Even with slow swings, these balls promise to cover a longer distance. Their design also promises an improved iron stoppable feature. They are perfect in rough courses because every hit seems to head straight to the intended direction.

What we like

  • Affordable prices.
  • They are available in various colors.
  • A perfect gift for all golfers, including the seniors
  • Perfect for high flights with every shot.
  • Ideal for broader distances.
  • Highly recommended for low long game spins.
  • Most colors are visible in the flight state.

What we don’t like

  • They aren’t great if you aren’t an enthusiast of matte balls.

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  1. Bridgestone e12

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Bridgestone e12 golf balls have been in the market for slightly over one year, but the popularity they continue to gain cannot go unnoticed. Golfing is meant to be an easy activity, and the technology used in the construction of these golf balls makes the intention a reality.

The design features an improved thrust and increased velocity to boost the golf’s ball distance. Even seniors who can only afford slower swings are sure that their efforts will cover several yards. It took the manufacturers more than twelve years to release the product with features that reduce spins off the driver.

What we liked

  • The dimple design reduces drags hence providing consistent airflow for straight distances.
  • A perfect swing speed for efforts less than 105 mph
  • The 3-piece construction makes it convenient for the ball to stay airborne for long.
  • It has softer cores for a comfortable experience.
  • An excellent design for fewer spins in long games.
  • A pack comes with 12 balls.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Excellent control in the greenside
  • A perfect taste for senior golfers

What we didn’t like

  • Sometimes it may require less spins.

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Buyers’ Guide

Becoming an accomplished golf player isn’t easy if you fail to invest in the right tools. And choosing the top golf balls for seniors is one of the perfect ways to enhance your game’s performance. When buying golf equipment for seniors, you may not follow the same guidelines that contemporary golfers adhere to because seniors fall within a special bracket, so they require certain features to enjoy a similar experience that the younger generation does.

Most seniors also play golf as a hobby to maintains their fitness level. Sometimes, golfing among the seniors is usually not a competitive activity, but an occasion to reduce loneliness. As such, golf balls for seniors are designed in a way that motivates them to acknowledge that golf doesn’t require much energy yet offer excellent performance.

The market is flooded with several golf balls that make it challenging to choose the one that suits your needs. If you don’t pay keen attention, it’s almost impossible to distinguish how a golf ball from a particular brand differs from the rest.

Here are things to consider when buying ideal golf balls for seniors;

Are low compression golf balls better for slow swing speed


Even though golfers like balls with durability features, the aspect doesn’t matter if you cannot locate your lost golf balls. If you are playing in rough courses, it makes sense using white and bright yellow balls that you can find easily.

Furthermore, most senior golfers don’t have excellent eyesight, a situation that makes it challenging to observe the movement of the ball when playing golf. Consider the markings on the balls to enhance visibility.

Swing speed

The type of distance ball selection for seniors depends on the swing speed. Senior golfers usually have a low swing speed, making it difficult to reach the green area with minimum shots. It hasn’t been easy for the seniors to match the younger generation’s ability, but the emergence of low compressed golf balls revolutionized the sporting activity. Even with slow swing speed, soft feel golf balls have proved vital in inspiring the elderly to improve their performance and distances.


Most older people survive on fixed budgets, so they’re usually conscious about their expenditure, except, of course, the elite few. Golf is already expensive, and seniors are exploring ways to reduce the expenses while enjoying their favorite game.

Since most seniors aren’t playing for medals, it’s worth choosing affordable golf balls with more outstanding performance. Whatever your choice, you should ensure that you get real value for your money.

What is the average speed of a senior golfer

Condition of the golf course

Golf courses vary in several aspects. So, you need to consider your ground condition before selecting a ball. For instance, rough courses may require golf balls with consistent flights to avoid ununiformed terrains.

It’s also not worth investing in expensive golf balls if you come from regions like Florida, where most courses have many water points. You will likely lose most of your golf balls whenever you visit the course anyway.

Golf ball technologies

It isn’t only in golf where performance matters, but also in other sports such as soccer and tennis. Golf brands spend significant time and money trying to improve the experience and performance of golf balls. It’s advisable to choose balls that meet the prestigious game’s standards, but also make your fun time exhilarating.


As earlier mentioned, the durability of a golf ball doesn’t matter if you’re going to lose it within a few days in the golf course. Since most seniors live on fixed budgets, they mustn’t spend it on golf balls alone.

Unlike in the past, when less durable wound balata balls were used in golf, advancements in technology have witnessed the emergence of long-lasting balls. However, it would help if you remain on the lookout because some manufacturers are somehow obsessed with soft golf balls to the extent that they forfeit durable features.

The type of cover you select also determines how long a golf ball can last. For instance, balls with urethane coatings tend to last longer than golf balls ionomer covers. Actually, most of the expensive golf balls you see in the market today have urethane covers.

Golf ball technologies

Spin and Feel

Long-distanced golf balls are sometimes frustrating, especially around the putter region. It’s disappointing when a few shots can take you to the putter area, but placing it in the bunker behind the green becomes challenging. A golf ball with no spinning features isn’t easy to control; hence can disorient your gaming missions.

It’s always massive to have a ball with a soft feel that can cover a significant distance. A golf ball with a soft feel rolls perfectly off the putter’s face in the greening area. Even with short irons, you should manage meaningful spins around the green area.


As you’re aging, the swing speed also drops, but the golf course standards remain the same. The seniors find it hard to hit the balls as far as they used to do during their prime. Luckily, the advancements in technology make it easy for the seniors to get a little help from the ball to reach the green area effortlessly.

It’s a mistake for seniors to retain golf balls that they used nearly a decade ago when modern balls are available in the market. Golf experts advise golfers to change their golf balls as their swing speed and the overall game pattern also change. The latest golf balls feature compressional constructions that enable them to travel the most extended distances even with the slightest swing.


Whether a pro or a beginner, you should brace to lose golf balls in rough terrains and lakes; it’s part of the game. Some people are reluctant to spend considerable amounts on golf balls due to the fear of losing the balls in unforgiving golf courses. Well, they’re right to some extent.

The fear of losing balls shouldn’t cause you to sacrifice to the extent that your performance and overall experience diminish. When a golf ball costs the lowest amount, you should be aware that its quality is could also be compromised.  Let’s just say a ball without value will not impact on your activities around the golf course in a desirable manner.

Number of golf balls in a pack

Since you’re aware that each round of playing is likely to witness the loss of balls, it’s worth selecting packages and dozens with more items. Most golf brands usually have packs with twelve balls each, but Titleist is somehow unique because some of its packages come with sixteen balls.

Number of golf balls in a pack

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are low compression golf balls better for slow swing speed?

Yes, they are ideal for slow swing speed. Compression is a term that golfers use to determine the hardness or the softness of a golf ball. A highly compressed ball is usually harder, while a lowly compressed golf ball is always soft like the ones reviewed in this article.

Stronger players have the energy to compress golf balls than their weaker compatriots. Fast swing speed is what is required for the ball to cover a longer distance. A fast swing speed player will need a few shots to get closer to the green area. On the other hand, a player with a slow swing speed will need some assistance to match what energetic professionals can do.

With low compression golf balls flooding the market, players with slow swing speed have a lot to smile about. The technology enables them to maximize and cover massive distances that they cannot do with highly compressed balls.

What is the average speed of a senior golfer?

Golfers aged 50 years and above are considered senior players. They depend on lowly compressed golf balls to cover meaningful distances. According to Evan Lee, a member of the Olympic Club in San Francisco, an average speed for 50-year-old golfers ranges between 85-90 mph. He also noted that an 80-year-old golfer might have a swing speed as low as 65 mph. However, it isn’t easy determining the overall speed for seniors, considering that the region covers various age groups.


Advancements in technology are making it convenient for everyone to play golf and enjoy an enhanced performance. Thanks to the presence of soft feel golf balls that have made it easy for the seniors to cover course distances beyond what their age and strength can sustain. These balls are slowly replacing traditional golf equipment that requires immense effort but doesn’t bring realistic performance among the seniors.

With several identical products in the market, we hope that this in-depth review has cleared your doubts and you can confidently invest in any of the five golf balls for seniors reviewed above.

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  1. In every arena of life, using the right tools is important. When tools and skill is combined, the result is amazing. The same also applies to golf. Having the quality balls in my hands puts me on top of the game. It positioned my mind in a winning position. I will check up Titleist. Going by your description, it should be good in the hand.

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  2. An interesting take here. Though I must say that I am not a golf fan that much but my immediate brother is a golf amateur. He has been taking the training, and he has also participated in some amateur competitions too. It might be worthy of interest to him, which is why I am sharing this with him. Thanks

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  3. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on the top 5 distance golf ball for seniors. It’s an elaborate one, and I find it very helpful because I love golf though I don’t get to play it often. It’s true what you said about the soft feel golf balls; they really make everything easy. I’ll share this article with my uncle, whom I go golfing with, he would be very appreciative. Thank you.

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  4. I personally have some bad experiences with golf balls, and one of them is the Callaway warbird. It was the ball I started to play with, and it wasn’t something that I was really happy about until I was introduced to the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls by my wife. And since then, I have had some great experience, but I was really keen on learning more. Seeing that the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is on your list gives me some level of excitement, but I’ll love to try more of these suggestions.

    • Hello, ReeceMichael, and thank you.

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      Callaway is an excellent brand, but sometimes we are unlucky.

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  5. This is timely information as the weather is about perfect right now and should remain that way for a few more weeks. In other words, it’s a great time to be outside playing golf! It’s amazing how much technology is available for a “simple” golf ball, but you make some good points about finding the right features that are important to the individual golfer. Thanks for breaking down the top choices available and helping with the golf ball purchasing decisions!!

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  6. Thank you for sharing some great picks for golf balls for seniors. Even in retirement, people want to spend more time on the course than in the pro shop picking out the best golf balls! 

    Of your top 5 golf balls for seniors, is there one that more women prefer over the others? Golfing gear can be REALLY specialized, so I figured I should ask! 

    • Hi, Aly, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Yes, I would recommend the Bridgestone e12 golf balls for women. The others are good too. But the distance and forgiveness in these three pieces of balls are great!

      So if the female is not a great experience player, this is an excellent choice!

      It has been very popular almost from the start.

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