Hit Run Steal Pitchback for Baseball or Softball

Hit Run Steal Pitchback for Baseball or Softball

Rebounder nets are must-have training aids for a softball or baseball player doing solo practice. Since you can set up the pitchback fast, you get to enjoy unlimited pitching and throwing practice anywhere, anytime. And Hit Run Steal, the latest softball and baseball equipment brand, is introducing its HRS Pitchback for Baseball or Softball, also referred to as the HRS Pitchback Rebound Net. It is an adjustable rebounder net for players of all ages and skill levels.

About the Hit Run Steal Company

The Hit Run Steal sporting goods company was founded in Bluffton, SC, in 2016. HRS deals in high-quality baseball and softball equipment and training aids. It sells these sports merchandise at an affordable price and has a team of qualified coaches to offer custom advice, free hitting drills, and pitching mechanics. That way, the brand helps players of all ages to “Play Hard, Train Harder,” in line with its philosophy.

Who is this Product for?

The HRS Rebound Net is a hitting net ideal for anyone practicing throwing and pitching at home or after the official practice hours. Use the net to practice fielding drills with your baseball, softball, tennis ball, or any other ball that bounces back when thrown against the net. Its large heavy-duty frame design caters to young and adult players alike.

What’s Included?

Your HRS Rebound Net purchase will arrive with the following components, ready for assembling: –

  • A Heavy Duty Netting
  • The Pipes for Installation or Frame Poles
  • Spring Button Clips
  • Bungee Cords
  • A User Manual

An Overview of Features

Below is a summary of specifications for the HRS Baseball/Softball Adjustable Rebound Net: –

Brand: Hit Run Steal

Model Name: HRS Baseball/Softball Adjustable Rebound Net

Model Year: 2016

Size: 43 inches width by 71 inches height

Target Player/Age: All Ages, Unisex

Uses: For Softball and Baseball Fielding Drills, Pitching Practice

Frame Material: Steel

Netting Material: 30 Ply PE

Color: Red

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Yes

Portability: Yes

Setup: No Tools Needed

USA Support: Yes

What factors should I consider when selecting the best pitchback rebounder net for my practice

The Features

  • The Steel Frame

HRS Baseball/Softball Adjustable Rebound Net comprises a heavy-duty steel metal frame. It measures 43 inches in width by 71 inches in height when fully assembled. The durable design can withstand all types of weather. It will not bend or break even with the hardest fastballs, guaranteeing reliable practice for years. 

More so, the frame feels lightweight despite its heavy-duty construction, making it easy to carry and assemble on the go. Besides, HRS offers a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects on product frames.

  • A Strong Meshed Durable Netting

This pitchback rebounder net opts for robust netting with a double stitching mesh reinforcement at its borders. The netting can withstand strenuous workouts and the hardest throws. HRS offers a one-year warranty for net and striking zone attachment manufacturing defects.

  • Super Reinforced Bungee Cords

HRS uses at least twenty reinforced bungee cords to attach the netting to the steel frame of the HRS Baseball/Softball Adjustable Rebound Net. In addition, players can alter the bungee cords to loosen or tighten the tension of the hitting net. Unlike pitchback rebounder nets on spring, the bungee cords are easier to maintain and replace. Plus, they result in a much higher and quieter bounce on impact.

  • Four Adjustable Knob Settings

HRS Baseball/Softball Adjustable Rebound Net has four adjustable knob settings to help players switch from pop flies and line drives to ground balls as they wish. Turn the knobs on each side of the steel frame and lock them at the hole that tilts the net to your desired angle.

  • Strike Zone Attachment

This rebound net retail with a strike zone target, helping amateur players improve their pitching accuracy and consistency. The attachment has a convenient red definition making it highly visible from afar.

  • Fast Setup, Assembly & Storage

It will take you a few minutes to assemble, set up, and dismantle the HRS Rebound Net. In fact, you can pull out the pin and adjust the knob to a new hole on the frame to attain a new angle or height in under one minute. Likewise, its foldable design minimizes the storage space needed for the training aid when not in use.


  • Lightweight despite a heavy-duty construction
  • Portable, adjustable design
  • Ideal for players of all positions, training styles, skill levels, and age
  • Tough mesh, durable bungee cords
  • Fast, easy setup, no tools needed
  • Folds flat for easy storage


  • Requires an open space, preferably the outdoors

How Will You Get the Most Out of Your Hit Run Steal Pitchback for Baseball or Softball?

Here are some tips to help improve your pitching and throwing practice by using the HRS Pitchback for Baseball or Softball the correct way: –

  • Have Sufficient Backup Balls

For starters, stay focused on your practice by having several backup balls.  That way, if you miss the pitchback and the ball goes past you, you can save time by continuing with another ball instead of running after the stray one.

  • Assemble the Pitchback Rebounder Net Correctly

Next, assemble your Hit Run Steal Pitchback for Baseball or Softball correctly. Note that putting together a rebound net varies from one brand to another. Here is a step-by-step guide to putting together your HRS Baseball/Softball Adjustable Rebound Net: –

Step 1: Attach and Connect the Frame Poles

  • Lay out all the frame poles flat on the ground in the order indicated in the user manual. Have the opposite middle frames facing upwards and inwards towards each other. Also, align each of the six L-shaped poles at their correct positions. That is, assemble the L-shaped poles with holes at their connecting point on the upper side of the frame. And have L-shaped poles with silver buttons at their connecting points on the lower side of the frame.
  • Connect the lower frame poles to the upper ones while on the ground. Do this by pressing down the silver buttons and sliding the frame into the one with holes at the connecting point. You should hear a clicking sound when the button pops up into the connecting holes.

Step 2: Lift the Attached Frame Poles to Tighten the Handles

Have the assembled frame in an upright position. Then, tighten the handles to secure the legs at their appropriate positions.

Step 3: Secure the Net on The Assembled Frame

  • Adjust the angle of the net as desired. Do this by securing the knobs in one of the four available holes. Repeat the step by securing the corresponding knobs on the opposite side of the frame. By unscrewing the knobs, the hinge will adjust and settle at one of the four holes. Screw the knob into this hole to secure the angle of the net.
  • Apply the net to the frame, starting at each of the four corners. Go around securing the hooks on the perimeter to the back inner lining of the net. With the increasing tension, you may need a helping hand to fasten the last hook on the net.

Step 4: Attaching the Bungee Cords to the Net

Follow the pictorial illustration on the user manual to attach the bungee cords to the net and the side of the frame. Here, connect at least ten bungee cords on the sides and another six bungee cords on the top and bottom sides of the frame.

Step 5: Weave the Strike Zone Attachment on the Net

Get the orange nylon that came with the net and weave it in and out of the assembled net at the center to create a strike zone target. The orange nylon has a convenient Velcro reinforcement.

Step 6: Try Out the Newly Assembled Net

Try out the newly assembled net and tighten any loose ends.

  • Use the Pitchback Rebounder Net Correctly

Use your HRS Rebound Net to practice as many baseball and softball drills as possible. Start with playing catch, making quick catches as you advance to ground ball drills. Ground ball drills entail throwing and aiming the ball for the top of the net. The ball should bounce and hit the ground before rushing back to you. You may adjust the angle of the pitchback to hit the ground spot you want.

What Is a Pitchback Rebound Net

People Also Ask

What Is a Pitchback Rebound Net?

A pitchback rebound net, also known as a throwback net, pitch back net, ball return net, baseball rebound net, or baseball bounce back net, is a special net mounted on a frame serving as a training tool for softball and baseball moves. The net replicates batted ball returns like ground balls, pop flies, and line drives. That way, regular practice with the net will improve the player’s reflexes, throwing moves, fielding skills, and muscular memory. Plus, a player can adjust the angle of the pitchback rebound net to train on pop flies. It can help a budding player transform into a run-of-the-mill star in no time.

How Often Should I Train on My HRS Pitchback Rebound Net?

There’s no limit. You can assemble the pitchback rebound net in your backyard, field, or anywhere else and practice as much as you want.

Is There Any Exclusion to the HRS Manufacturer Warranty?

Yes. The limited and one-year manufacturer warranty applicable to the HRS Baseball/Softball Adjustable Pitchback Rebound Net does not cover the following defects or damages: –

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Cosmetic damage, defects, or alterations to the equipment
  • Accidental damage
  • Loss or theft of the equipment or its parts
  • Damage due to exposure of the equipment to the elements
  • Damage due to inappropriate use of the equipment

Also, the HRS warranty does not apply to equipment not purchased from Hit Run Steal or its authorized dealers.

What factors should I consider when selecting the best pitchback rebounder net for my practice?

Numerous sporting brands have a variety of pitchback rebounding nets on sale. Use the following criteria to select a reliable rebounder for your practice: –

  • Size

Pick the size of your next pitchback rebounder net, depending on who will use it for practice. Most sporting goods brands make large pitchback rebound nets serving as a one-size-fits-all for kids, youth, and adult players. This spacious size is sturdier and ideal for a professional player looking for a training aid for their outdoor practice. In contrast, some brands make small rebounders measuring up to 4 feet by 4.5 feet exclusively for Little League players and limited indoor practice.

  • Construction

A typical pitchback rebounder net should have a sturdy frame to withstand the elements and hard impacts. Also, you don’t want a rebounder that topples over whenever you push your practice to the limit. For this, most brands opt for solid steel weatherized frames. The construction has a heavy gauge, holding the net upright, staked on the ground throughout practice. Yet, it is lightweight enough to facilitate moving your practice indoors and outdoors as you wish. Other components include the net material, connecting knobs, and bungee cords.

  • Multiple and Adjustable Angles

As you practice throwing and pitching, experiment with catching ground balls, line drives, and pop-ups at varying angles. In this case, opt for a pitchback rebounder net that can adjust to two or more positions.

  • Easy Setup

Opt for a pitchback rebounder net that is easy to assemble and dismantle. You want to spend more time practicing and the least time setting up your training aid. You can store foldable rebounders like the HRS Baseball/Softball Pitchback Rebound Net in a flat, pre-assembled form. Other rebounders retail with a pull and plunger bolts system that automates the setup process.

  • Budget

Finally, pitchback rebounders retail at varying price ranges depending on their design, materials, and additional features. Experienced players should invest in rebound nets with durable and premium features to give them more hours of practice and value for their money.

Our Verdict

The HRS Pitchback Rebound Net is your go-to hitting net when you need to practice your pitching and fielding drills without your fellow teammates. The pitchback rebounder net caters to amateur and professional players alike, allowing the entire family to use the same training aid at go. Kids, parents, and siblings can improve their hand-eye coordination, reaction times and speeds, and overall strength.

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