Nike Men’s Free RN Running Shoes Review

Nike Men’s Free RN Running Shoes Review

Nike Men’s Free RN Running Shoes: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Nike Men’s Free RN Running Shoes

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Value For Money



What We Like

  • Can be carried around easily
  • Flexible and a good fit
  • Prevents sweating
  • Comes from one of the most well-recognized brands

What WE DON’T Like

  • Sizes run small

In order to have a good run, you need a comfortable pair of running shoes. Running shoes that are not flexible enough or do not a good fit can injure your feet.

It is very common to get sores and aches in your feet because of your shoes not being comfortable enough. This is the reason why it is essential to have a good pair of running shoes to not only keep you healthy but also make running fun and enjoyable for you.

However, when it comes to choosing the best option, finding one that suits your needs is a real challenge due to hundreds of options available. If you don’t have time to test and compare each product in the market, check out our detailed review of NIKE Men’s Free RN Running Shoe.

We hope you love the products we recommend! We only products that we thoroughly investigate and believe is a real value for you. Sports Send may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. It is at no extra cost for you.

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Nike Men’s Free RN Running Shoes Review

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Nike is one of the most popular sports brands in the world. Its purpose is to manufacture sports goods that are sustainable as well as innovative. The leading global brand is based in Beaverton, Oregon, and employs thousands of people all over the world.

Nike shoes are mostly recognized for the brand’s powerful logo and its “Just do it” campaign. The Men’s Free RN Running Shoes is only among their long list of well-designed footwear.


These shoes have been designed specifically for short runs and sprints. Due to their flexibility, they have been very popular among its users for the comfort they provide.

  • Material

The Nike Men’s Free RN Running Shoes are made up of a soft and lightweight fabric. The soft fabric provides you with comfort and lessens the impact on your feet while running. This plays an important role in protecting your feet from any injury or pain.

The lightweight feature allows you to run freely and fast. With these shoes, you will not have to drag the additional weight that can slow you down.

Apart from this, the open-knit stitch makes the shoes breathable. This allows your feet to breathe while you wear them, as your feet will neither sweat nor stink.

  • Fit

The upper part of the Nike Men’s Free RN Running Shoes is made up of feather-light flywire cables. The flywire cables, along with the laces, work together to provide good support to your shoes and promote a good fit.

These running shoes are also made up of spandex. The spandex allows you to slide your feet inside the shoes easily for a comfy fit. The heels are rounded, padded, and have a wide strap. This makes it easier for them to roll on the ground with every stride you take.

  • Flexibility

The innovative design of the sole of the Nike Men’s Free RN Running Shoes makes them one of the most flexible shoes ever designed. The textured toe and heel foam sole add support to your feet and provide a better structure.

Due to the flexibility, the shoes can be twisted and bent without getting deformed or damaged. They can also easily fit in small bags and carried around wherever you go. You can pack these shoes as a backup and wear them whenever you need style and comfort.

  • All-Natural Movement

Because of its sole being lightweight and innovative, the Nike Men’s RN Running Shoes provide an all-natural movement. Every time your foot lands and exerts a force on the ground, the sole contracts and expands.

Due to this contraction and relaxation, wearing these shoes gives you a natural feeling. It makes you feel like you are not wearing anything but running barefoot.

  • Color and Size

The Nike Men’s RN Running Shoes comes in a large array of colors, including the iconic black, elegant grey, aqua and more. This makes it very versatile as it can be paired with any outfit for any event, whether formal or informal. The colors make your running shoes stand out. Thus, it provides comfort with style.

When it comes to sizes, there is a wide range available. You can select any size that fits your feet, ranging from seven to 15.


To sum it up, the Nike Men’s RN Running Shoes have been one of the most versatile running shoes created. This is because they can be used for running as well as you can style them up with any outfit in a formal or an informal event.

The innovative sole and the breathable fabric makes running enjoyable for you as well as your feet. The flywire cables and the laces keep the shoes secure on your feet and provide you with the best fit.

Because of its light weight, you can easily pack it up in your backpack and take them with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, if you don’t like black shoes, there is no other option available.


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Whether you run professionally or as a hobby, it is essential to find the shoe that offers comfort and style. This is the reason why we have compared the Nike Men’s RN Running Shoes with Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 Running Shoes.

Firstly, Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 has a rubber sole and engineered mesh that provides breathability. However, apart from providing breathability, the Nike Men’s RN Running Shoes have an innovative sole as well. The sole contracts and expands every time your feet touch the ground, giving you a natural feeling of being barefoot and free.

Secondly, the Brook Men’s Ghost 10 Running Shoes weighs around 25.44 ounces. On the other hand, the Nike Men’s RN Running Shoes weigh as low as 12 ounces. Thus, the Nike Men’s RN Running Shoes are comparatively more lightweight.

Thirdly, the Brook Men’s Ghost 10 running shoes are not very diverse when it comes to size. They only come in sizes from 10.5 to 15. On the other hand, the Nike Men’s RN Running shoes come in a wide range of sizes from 7 to 15.

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In conclusion, the Nike Men’s RN Running Shoes are not only flexible but versatile too. They are made up of spandex and Flywire cables that provide utmost comfort and a great fit. They are lightweight, and their signature black color gives them a classy overall look.

Simply put, if you are looking for style, comfort, and durability, this one makes perfect sense.

6 thoughts on “Nike Men’s Free RN Running Shoes Review”

  1. You know I really like Nike and their product line but I’m not a big fan of shoes that only come in black either.
    I’m partial to white especially living here in Florida.
    But it’s not a turned down deal if they are only black.
    I look for style and comfort and how a running shoe fits and feels to me.
    I do like a shoe that breathes and one of the most important things I look for is how durable they are and how long they will last.
    How many steps does Nike claim you can get from these running shoes?

    • Hello, Rob S, and thank you.

      Shortly after I wrote this article come shoes with more colors, many of them really lovely colors. I have nothing against black shoes, just think it is better if people have more choice about colors.

      About how durable it is, it is always a tricky question because it has a considerable effect on how people think about their shoes, where and how often they run, etc. But these shoes are quality with this factor in mind, and I know many have run more than 600 miles in it. With that in mind that many shoes are for 3-400 miles, it is excellent durability.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

  2. Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post.

    I am a fan of Nike and while doing my search on Nike running shoes online came across your helpful and informative review post. I got helpful insights and your review post is a timer saver for me.

    Black is my favorite color when it comes to choosing a color for my shoes and I always prefer light weight shoes.

    The video you embedded is very helpful. The features and comparison you shared are helpful in making my purchase decision. Nike Men’s RN Running Shoes is on my list. I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and no additional research needed.

    Much Success!


    • Hello, Paul, and thank you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Great to hear about your benefit of the article.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.

  3. My last pair of running shoes were the Hoka One Clifton.  They were ok, but after a while they felt too bulky for me.  I found that I do much better with a lightweight shoe, which the Nike Free RN seem to be.  I like that the Nike are breathable, but do they come in wides (like E)?

    • Hello, Steve, and thank you.

      No, I m sorry. It is not ideal for wide feet.

      If I can help you with anything else, or if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me.


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